Nov 2, 2013
Portland, OR
This is probably not phone-specific, but I guess it could be. I switched carriers from T-mobile to Mint Mobile but retained my same phone number. All is good, EXCEPT I can no longer get text messages from Amazon.com. Other companies and private parties text me, including the type of two-factor authentication I was using with Amazon, no problem. But zip from Amazon. I have spent a total of about 10 hours with Amazon and much less with Mint. They point fingers at each other, but bottom line, I can no longer get text messages just from Amazon. Anyone else heard of this? Thanks
I too, have never gotten texts from Amazon.
Personally, with all of the notifications from them anyways, a text message is overkill.
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I do not even use the Amazon app, I access the site with my browser.

Any contact they make from that point on is with e-mail.
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