Android Enthusiast
Jan 3, 2013
i got 2 of these cameras the ash21-b cameras and it turns out someone attached to the amcrest app and the other one i managed to get connected but then it failed. and i can't delete them from the app ro amcrest site.

my question is this, does or has anyone here managed to re the firmware on ip cameras s they can be used on computers? as it turns out these are for the app and the cloud service but i'm betting someone has figured out how to root them so the can be re-programmed for some other app fo the computers. these will not run on the amcrest search tool. the search tool see them but will not fully connect to them for computer viewing.

my tiny cam app see them but will not connect enough to the either.

i figure i might as well give ti a try and if they get bricked i'm not out any more than i am now. amcrest will not reset them for me nor will they delete them from there app.