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Amlogic s805 .script.bin

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by lewisbarclay, Mar 18, 2016.

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    Help what am I doing wrong amlogic s805 coding

    I am new to Linux and new to these forums so hello

    I have an amlogic s805 tv box make and model excelvan m400 running rooted 4.4.2 firmware exact firmware downloaded fromchinagadgets.com and can link to if needed running generic 4 wire resistive usb touchscreen and usb android touch controller showing as zd touch controller .

    The issue is that the y axis on the touch screen is inverted ie up is down and vice versa all idc files in place and acts like a touchscreen .
    But after weeks of searching different attempts to change this I have failed

    I have adb only via wifi as unfortunately the android has only one usb port and it is a normal A type port and thus many attempts have been made to attach to pc with no joy

    I can adb via wifi to the root of the device
    I am looking for the script.bin file to change the screen parameters but to this date I have been unable to locate it

    Here's what I've done
    To pull script file from band

    Adb shell
    Mkdir /sdcard/nanda
    Mount -t /dev/block/nanda /sdcard/nanda
    The response I get is
    Usage: mount [-r] [-W] [-0 options] [-t type] Device directory

    Does the above mean it's mounted that directory or not ?

    My next cOmand is exit
    Adb pull /Sdcard/nanda/script.bin
    And I get the error Sdcard/nanda/script.bin does not exist

    So In question
    Is it mounted
    Is there a file in that folder called script.bin
    If not can I search for it
    If not where can I change the parenteral for the usb touchscreen

    Thanks lew

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