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Support An android video editor with configurable file paths?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Mar 15, 2016.

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    Is there such a product? I have emailed the various developers with products in the playstore and none of them seem to do this. It is really essential for devices with external SD card options e.g. the Samsung T700/705 tablet.

    One of them replied that is sound a great idea but he hasn't implemented it yet [​IMG]

    The Sony video editor (which comes with the FDR-1000V action cam) can source video from both internal storage and the SD card (though the paths are hard-coded, with the usual "emulated/0/whatever" nonsense, which is dumb) but it can export only to the internal storage (and in my case the hard-coded path fails for some reason. I also don't have enough space on internal storage.

    I don't need fancy editing. For that I have Vegas on a PC at home. I just need to cut bits out, rotate 180 degrees, and maybe remove the sound track.

    The output quality needs to be as high as possible; I am currently struggling with transcoding an ex-1000V 1080P 50FPS PS video with Handbrake; the Handbrake settings for max Q are nontrivial and no matter what I do the output is not as good as the camera.

    There are numerous editors for android but as I say they are inflexible on the file paths.

    Many thanks for any suggestions.


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