An app to warn me about large data use in a short period of time?


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I have an app (My Data Manager) that will tell me how much of my data allowance I've used and will warn me when I get to x% of usage. But I'm finding that my data allowance can get used up on unexpected things very quickly. For example, last night my phone used 283MB of data on what My Download Manager vaguely labels as 'Downloads'.

What I'm looking for is an app that can warn me when a specified amount of data has been downloaded within a specified period. By the time I notice how much data has been used, it's too late. If I can be warned that the phone is downloading large amounts, then I might be able to stop it from doing whatever it's doing, or at least disable data transfer temporarily.

If there isn't an app for this, is there one that will let me throttle data transfer rates, so I can at least slow it down?


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I don't think it's listed on the Play listing, but Onavo does feature "App data-abuse notifications - Enable or disable the notification when apps are abusing data in the background." (from the app's website)

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I would definitely just suggest to turn off GPS when you're not using it or need it. Google Services and other applications like Twitter and Facebook eat through data while you're not even doing anything but moving around, because they always want to have your location in case you post something.