An appreciation message to my fellow Evo owners



I just wanted to give a big 'thanks' to all of you with the vast knowlege you possess w/ the android platform and alllll the help i've received. From the mods, keeping the threads on subject and what not etc, to everyone else providing useful and sometimes humorous banter :D

I really appreciate it! I have gone from a LG lotus to the Evo and the transition has been wonderful, thanks to all of you.

I now have many cool apps, a few purchased such as beautiful widgets, and robo defense, and others suggested here such as swype, 3d gallery, handcent, appbrain, and astro to name a few of my favorites!!! And finally downloaded Launcher Pro! It seems all my questions i may have are answered already with a quick search! I rarely have to even post, so just wanted to say thanks to all it is appreciated!

ps....this forum kills my sleep tho! :rolleyes: Good day to you all!


Haha I hear ya on losing sleep reading this forum. Actually I was up till about 5 am last night on this forum trying to figure some things out, and of course I found more than enough info and answers on here. Because of this forum, I also finally got swype on my phone and figured out which app (rock player) I needed to have to be able to upload any video format and watch it on my evo.
Have fun with your phone! I know I've been since launch and it just keeps getting better for me