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An Arrow symbol intrucively suggestions to "Start Drving"!?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Phil Indeblanc, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    So I have the MotoX, but it is not the one with Drive Assist, yet I get assist like things happening when I drive.
    All a sudden I get a notification on top left corner of an arrow symbol pointing north, and if I click on it the map pops up.

    WTFlop is this app or feature, and how can I turn it off?!!

    thanks in advance.

    I have the MotoX as a test phone as I massage my iPhone head into Droid, so I am looking at a LG G5 most likely. But we shall see. So far loving the fluid OS experience of Droid.

  2. solaris9123

    solaris9123 Member

    That's the Moto app. It,automatically detects when you are driving
  3. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    I was thinking that. Is it just called "Moto" under apps?
    How can I stop it?!

    Looked in the app settings and I dont see any access to locations. Just Calendar Contacts SMS and Phone. (Phone is pretty vague!)
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  4. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    so thats it, just disable Moto?
  5. solaris9123

    solaris9123 Member

    Yeah, it's called Moto.
    I think you can go in that app and tell it what to do and what not to do, but there's a simple way.

    Go into settings> Apps> All and find Moto. Then Uninstall Updates, and Disable
  6. solaris9123

    solaris9123 Member

    Yep. Just disable it
  7. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    Cool, just did that. Still have the hand swipe which works, a good thing as I so far like that, and I like the dim night time notifications. This is a good phone, but I think that LGG5 looks super slick, and might be switching as soon as its available.
    Otherwise a Not4 ...but I hear Samsung has lots of bloatware. I know Sony did. I got rid of that crap phone for a number of good reasons.
  8. solaris9123

    solaris9123 Member

    Tell me, are you running Lollipop on that Moto X? Or KitKat
  9. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    In "About Phone" it says Android version 6.0
    Not sure what I get a Kitkat or Lolipop.
    I much rather have a Kitkat, but I guess it doesn't make a difference if I can't taste it!
  10. solaris9123

    solaris9123 Member

    Lol. Right? Who wants hard candy on a stick? I want chocolate

    4.4 is KK. 5.0+ is Lollipop and 6.0 is Marshmallow, which makes me guess you have the 2015 Moto X?
    Reason I ask is I had the 2013 X on Verizon and the damn thing never got updated beyond 4.4.4
  11. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    Ahhh, Ya, its the newer MotoX, I don't think Pure, but the new one.
    I've heard some software setback for Versizon and Sprint phones. Versizon has great coverage in most areas, but they have always been singled out on the hardware/nonGSM platform. But I thought that was on the way to change?

    Its not mine, I'm borrowing it for now.

    There are some things you can learn and adapt to on a phone, and others that should just fit, and work without much thought, which brings me to a couple issues with this MotoX...

    So far I don't understand lazy designers that place a power key right next to volume rocker keys. Ther eis no tactile feel, texture or shape to know the difference, specially under a thin skin case. This is a mistake by more than just MotoX here.
    Form follows FUNCTION!

    Another weird thing I have to pay attention to is the orientation of the device...Now I have to look for the black sensors/dots that tell me, this is the up position of the phone! There should be a more direct and very instantaneous characteristic that tells the brain whats what.

    These are foundational design flaws, and hard to "get over", and this is what fails on this device, while many other things are so great! Great screen, snappy as ever OS, nice features, and it just works!(No its not an iPhone!).

    So, I really hope I get to have the next cell being an Android device, AND being smartly designed.

    Maybe the next Android OS should be called Chocolate!?

    By the way, I certainly don't want to buy a phone that I would need to upgrade very soon after. I tend to keep my cells a long time....Like my cars. I enjoy good design, and prefer to sport it as much as possible, vs chasing the next "best thing".
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  12. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    Well, That didn't do it!!!
    It still Says "Start Driving" , "Tap to get traffic updates"

    This is annoying!
  13. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    No one else has this issue?
  14. solaris9123

    solaris9123 Member

    Hmm. I'm not sure what else that could be if not Moto assist.

    Try this: post a list of all your apps
  15. solaris9123

    solaris9123 Member

    It could perhaps be Google Maps doing that. I wouldn't know since I don't drive and rarely use navigation on my phone.
    Maybe some setting in Maps or Streetview?
  16. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    Thats the only other place I could think of. I'll see what I can find in its settings..
    Is there a way to generate a list of the installed apps as some text file?
  17. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    I found it under Google Maps, Settings, Navigation Settings, Driving notifications (Get ETAs when you connect to your car's Bluetooth).

    This sounds like it, so I will test and see tomorrow.
  18. solaris9123

    solaris9123 Member

    That's probably it.
    Maps sucks anyways. No offline navigation :(

    Try Here Maps ( Nokia ) or any of the OpenStreetMaps for free, fully offline navigation. Maps are downloaded to your SD card rather than using the internet
  19. Phil Indeblanc

    Thread Starter

    Navigon is a leader in this.
    Too bad I paid about $40 for the iOS version. But it supports faster routes of car-pool lanes and has great features.

    I don't install software that wants access to areas of the phone it has no business with. So often Free apps get sidelined. Although I hear update ransoms are becoming a real problem on Android.

    If it needs something it can ask for it later for me to allow or deny...like sharing my route or something. Its bad enough Google has all access.

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