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An Interesting Discovery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MisterChase, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. MisterChase

    MisterChase Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I found a rather interesting behavior of the Droid X (at least mine). I have a Barnes and Noble Nook, a neat little e-reader. I casually placed my Droid X on top of my Nook, and noticed a new screen I've never seen before.

    At first, I figured I must've touched one of the buttons in a new way or something. But I quickly realized it only came on when I placed the Droid X on top of the Nook. As I recall, the screen looks similar if not identical to pictures of the Droid X when resting in the dock: It turns into a big digital clock, with the weather widget, and a bar on the bottom with several icons, e.g. "picture slide, etc".

    The very top "pull-down bar" that shows notifications and "ongoing activities", has a new icon that looks exactly like a Droid X in a dock! "Cool!", I thought, "There must be some kind of weird communication between the Nook and the Droid -- they're both Android devices, after all!"

    But it gets weirder. I find out that it is in fact, not the Nook itself which is causing the Droid X to go into "dock mode". I discover this by lifting the Nook cover and placing the Droid X directly on top -- nothing happens. I put the Droid X on top of the cover, voila -- the dock mode appears. I put the Droid X on top of the table -- nothing happens. I put the Droid X on top of an envelope on top of the Nook w/out the cover -- nothing happens. I take the entire cover off the Droid X, walk to the opposite side of the room, far away from the Nook, and place the Droid X on top -- voila, dock screen.
    Hell, I even went to the bathroom -- an entire separate room, and voila.... dock screen.

    And actually, it got even weirder in the bathroom. It alternated between "car mode" (which I've never seen and was interesting) and "dock mode". There's something about this Nook cover that makes the Droid X think it's "docking", which I find immensely interesting.

    This is the Nook cover I own:
    Industriell Easel Cover, Barnes & Noble - Barnes & Noble

    So basically, I have a free "dock pad", if you will. This is ****ing awesome.

    Nook owners, check it out.

  2. shadowangel

    shadowangel Member

    Magnet in the cover, probably.
  3. binary visions

    binary visions Android Expert

    Yep, that's all. The magnet makes the Droid go into dock mode (the polarity of the magnet determines if it's car mode or home mode).

    If you use a refrigerator magnet, it'll do the same thing.
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  4. ReJe75

    ReJe75 Member

    I discovered this by placing it on my laptop. I figured it was the magnet in the speaker since is would only do it if I placed the X in a specific spot right over the speaker.
  5. Kabukiman

    Kabukiman Newbie

    Nice. ;)
  6. yohankenobi

    yohankenobi Well-Known Member

  7. Davidlb

    Davidlb Lurker

    This is probably the single most awesome post I've read in the past 6 months of research.

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