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An outbreak of sense from HTC?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hadron, May 25, 2011.

  1. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    LeeDroid posted this link in the XDA dev section: Update on Bootloaders | Facebook

    Don't want to get hopes up, but it might be a sign that HTC are hearing the message about locking their phones down.

    FC :)

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  2. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Can't read the link from here but if thats true, great news.
  3. EddyOS

    EddyOS Android Expert

    Saw this on Twitter, basically HTC are reviewing their stance on locked down bootloaders so it might mean they go to open bootloaders
  4. Usta

    Usta Android Expert

    A pressure from the community and competition (SE, Samsung)? :)
    Good news that HTC is officially talking about this matter!
  5. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

    Loving the pun in the title. Intentional ? :)

    I really hope they do unlock the bootloaders. If they do, I will *probably* buy myself a sensation. But only if the developers and such move too. If they all went to samsung, I'd be very tempted to follow.

    What about you lot? You are pretty much the kings of this desire forum ;) What phones are you all thinking of next? Or are you keeping your Desire's for a while?
  6. GingaB

    GingaB Android Expert

    Ahh this is excelllent news! But I for one will be sticking with my trusty old Desire for a while! HTC sensation sounds promising though! If HTC decide to open Sensation's bootloader I might be tempted into jumping the ship but the deal breaker for me would be moving to a phone with a huge rooting community like Desire.
  7. steslatt

    steslatt Android Expert

    I will be getting the Evo 3D when its out. Locked bootloader doesnt really matter to me, I only rooted my desire to utilise aps2sd+
    Unlocked bootloader would just be a bonus, I still signed the petition thats floating around.
  8. GingaB

    GingaB Android Expert

    What petition??
  9. GingaB

    GingaB Android Expert

  10. porter_james

    porter_james Member

    To unlock bootloaders would be smart on their behalf, especially since Sammy has improved its ui, has the better phone hardware-wise, and keeps it unlocked. And doesn't see its CEO goin on a shopping spree in the Apple store.
    But then again is there any point to buy a new phone already, I mean the Desire is barely a year old, and hardware-wise are there any reasons to buy, say, a Sensation? Apart from playing games...which I don't.
  11. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

    I know its trivial, but the internal memory is just soo frustrating for me. Even with A2SD and S2E etc rooted, I went to install a 40mb game the other day, and it pretty much filled my remaining memory. I'm not going down the D2EXT root. I would upgrade to the sensation for that, + better camera, hdmi, games etc.
    porter_james likes this.
  12. porter_james

    porter_james Member

    I honestly don't know what HTC and el Goog had been smokin when they okayed that internal memory...proper way to foresee the future.
    Barely havin any games installed I'm actually quite fine after having rooted etc. Btw, that Sensation only has 1gb, which might be fine now, but with the new market policies of allowing up to 1gb size I guess it won't be long until its filled, too.
  13. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Nought to do with el goog.

    And theres no way an apk will be 1GB and be entirely the application. Most of it must be data and associated stuff that will go to SD anyway
  14. porter_james

    porter_james Member

    I thought the Nexus 1 had the same hardware specs? Which was a joint project between the two?:thinking:
    I'm aware that not all of it is goin to install on internal, yet 1gb still seems small to me for a phone deemed future proof.
  15. EddyOS

    EddyOS Android Expert

    Especially when the SGS2 has 16/32GB
  16. Usta

    Usta Android Expert

    1GB internal memory may sound little, but notice that Samsung doesn't allocate the full 16GB internal for apps. Rather, they partition it and only allocate a small portion (2GB) as a /data partition. So the difference with Sensation is not that large.
    With all that power to move the apps to SD card under GB, plus all the extra tricks I'm sure will come, I really don't think internal storage for apps is or will be in issue on Sensation.
  17. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Similar hardware made by HTC so I suppose yes you're right, google will have had to have signed off on that specific device, but not the desire itself.

    Blame google for N1 and HTC for Desire :)
  18. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

    I agree about the 1gb thing. You are right in that most apk's are small, with the big files on the SD.

    But take gameloft's games. Each is about 20mb. I just installed the cracked version of PinballHD (normally for tegra devices only) and it is 45mb.

    By the time I have all my other apps on, I'm usually down to about 60mb free anyway. Today, I couldn't install both those apps above, because I didn't have enough memory left. For me, that just isn't good enough.
  19. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    What do you think? :D
  20. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Not got any gameloft games. I have EA Sims and NFS Shift. They download an extra 30-50 MB, but it all goes to sd in that case.
  21. GrenW

    GrenW Android Expert

    But how much of that 1gb is left after Sense 3 has taken its share? Either way an unlocked bootloader is essential in my next phone to keep software up to date and to satisfy my urge to tinker
  22. Usta

    Usta Android Expert

    I'm 100% for unlocked bootloader. :)
    However, I'll give you a comparison with Desire. I was looking at my phone and I see I've installed 128 user apps, which is quite enough for me at this moment. I'm confident that I can install 200+ apps and still have enough space for more. All this fits nicely on 303MB internal storage (expanded after rooting).
    Another interesting fact is that SE's flagship phone Xperia Arc has only 320MB internal storage...
  23. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    i doubt it will be unlocked but rather "not encrypted"
    our bootloaders are currently locked are they not, they can only be unlocked by exploit. the problem with the new ones is the bootloader is made in such a way that you need a load of rsa encryption shizzle to get into them which just wont happen.

    after seeing the communites global response to their locked/encrypted bootloaders i was sure they would back peddle a bit.
    you could almost imagine the desireS and like were just testers to see what kind of effect it would have.
    sales have been pants on those
  24. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Android Enthusiast

    I hope HTC really are going to listen and more importantly, act on the concerns expressed.

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