...And I'm an Android.

Hey people! My name is Theo, I am 16 years old and I'm from Romania.

I just got my first Android device, exactly a week ago, on my birthday! :D As written in my profile, it's the LG Optimus One P500. I'm extremely happy with it, and the few minor tweaks I've applied so far. More to come... :)

My first "smart" device was an iPod Touch 2G. I got it 1 year ago, on my birthday as well. It was (and still is) a great multimedia device, but iOS 4.X, and all necessary tweaks, kinda slowed it down. So, even if the screen is a bit more sensitive and videos of higher bitrate can be played, I prefer my O1.

So why I'm here? I want to learn more about Android, while sharing the small bit of experience I have with certain parts of mobile life, such as video playing.

And just cause it's an Introduction thread, I'll throw in a bit more info about me. I'm studying at the National College of Computer Science in Bucharest, our capital. We study basic C++ there, but I have started Flash and C# on my own. I'm a big fan of the Internet and anything IT, and also anime and manga! :D

If you were patient enough to read through all of this, then my respect and a cookie to you! The first member who replies to this post will also get a Cookie of the LG variety. :D