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And so the saga continues...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ziphless, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Ziphless

    Ziphless Member
    Thread Starter

    To the point- my phone continues to take screen shots all by itself. It tends to happen after stock SMS application, and freezes up til screen timeout. This is my third and final replacement phone. If I want I can get another phone replacement, but what is comparable to our galaxy s?

  2. kmf

    kmf Android Enthusiast

    The HTC Merge would be the next closest US Cellular phone to the Mesmerize. However, I would see if you could work out a deal and get the new Motorola Electrify 4G. Do a Google search on it and check the US Cellular Smartphone/Android phone webpage. it looks like an incredible phone.
  3. Ziphless

    Ziphless Member
    Thread Starter

    Hahaha,I was just checking out the Electrify. Is it available in stores now though? I'm scoping out my best options... Before I call.
  4. kmf

    kmf Android Enthusiast

    Good luck. I'm glad to see that USCC is getting a Motorola android phone. I hope to try it soon.
  5. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    Yes, I plan to upgrade to the Electrify once my belief points will allow it.

    As for the screen shot glitch, I'm so used to it by now I just don't even worry about it.

    A quick fix that has been working for me is hit the back button 2-3 times until it "unfreezes" itself from the screenshot mode.

    Its been happening now and then, even with gingerbread, but that's the only glitch I still have so far.
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  6. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    i've never once had this happen on my phone. Are you using a cover for the phone? Maybe try putting it in another pocket?
  7. scott_

    scott_ Well-Known Member

    I've had the Gingerbread update done as well. I also am still having screen shots taken from time to time. It happens only when I hit the power button to turn off the screen. I don't touch any other buttons at the same time, but it still happens every now and then.
    My theory is that there must be some "charge" or surface button data in the cache at the same time I hit the power button so it thinks I want a screen shot.
    I don't use the volume up/down button. Can't say that I have used it at all since I got the phone.
    I'll usually give it a few minutes, then go to the gallery and delete them. It's kind of annoying, but if that's the only glitch I've got then I can live with it.
    Most all of the other issues have gone by the wayside with the GB update.
  8. matt88si

    matt88si Android Enthusiast

    I'm doing the same thing. Come November, I'll be able to switch my phone. Will the Electrify be out by then?
  9. matt88si

    matt88si Android Enthusiast

    That's what I thought. I'm going to try and wait until the Holidays when USCC does their 'free' smart phone contract renewal. Knowing me, though, I'll give in to temptation and buy it when I get the cash.

    Definitely eager to get my nerdy hands on it.
  10. kmf

    kmf Android Enthusiast

    The Electrify looks pretty good to me, but I saw the "Rolls Royce" of phones today at Best Buy. The Motorola "Bionic." This phone might cause me to switch carriers and move over to Verizon. Time will tell.
  11. Ziphless

    Ziphless Member
    Thread Starter

    According to my USCellular store tech, the Electrify is scheduled for the 26 of September.
    I've been eyeballing the Blackberry Torch, it looks pretty cool.
    We'll see...
  12. Ziphless

    Ziphless Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks LaTuFu, pressing the return button a few times does work. That's a quick and easy fix!
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  13. kmf

    kmf Android Enthusiast

    Does anyone know if the Electrify is a 4G phone. The rest of the features look "electrifying!" My wife may be getting my Mes.
  14. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    Yes, it is 4G capable. It is a "rebranded" Motorola Photon (Sprint).

    You might want to google USCC's 4G rollout and see if you're in one of the early adoption markets.

    I'm not, so as much as I am intrigued by the phone, 4G is like dating a super model to me..sounds great, but probably not going to happen any time soon. (Especially since my wife would probably have a few questions...)
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  15. shortride

    shortride Well-Known Member

    The Electrify is a 4G capable phone. US Cellular does not offer 4G service yet but claims they are working on it. I have no idea what that means.

    I looked at the Motorola Electrify this morning. It's a nice looking phone.
  16. kmf

    kmf Android Enthusiast

    I assume that "4G capable" means that when USCC rolls out the 4G service that the Electrify will be able to handle it?
  17. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

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