Android Expert
Jan 11, 2013
Seems that Latitude is being killed off - I guess Google already knows everything it needs to about where you are :D

Aren't Location Services great ..?
I found it to be useful, especially for family trips. We've used it to see where the other vehicles are, especially when leaving from different locations and either trying to plan when or where to meet up or just to get an idea of when the others will arrive. We'll have to go back to the "old-fashioned" way and communicate by phone..
I never used it, and disabled it.

It will be back. Maybe not by Google, but wifi tracking software in malls. Stores want to keep track of who is coming in, plus send you ads and coupons.

Wifi off, Data off, Airplane mode on.
I think it's odd that people feel so precious about others knowing where they are. So long as you are not robbing a bank or somewhere that you are not supposed to be, so what.
Google knows where I work and Live, but so do many other people. The lady that I see every morning on my way top work, at the same junction, My customers across the road, the list goes on and on.
If people would stop being so precious and accept that they have normal lives and are not secret agents, then this technology could be way ahead of it's time.
Incidentally, I use it to keep tabs on my daughter. It's never caused a problem. If she's staying at a friend, or on her way home or just generally around town, It's comforting to know she's doing what she said she was going to do. Obviously there are boundaries which we discuss but it works, she doesn't feel like I'm spying and I am confident that she's safe and honest. Everyone is a winner. Sometimes you have to embrace tech for it to progress.... Or you can strangle it with fears of the unknown... ;)
I used Latitude to mark all the places I been to when travelling. But then the novelty wore off after a month, and so didn't bother with it. I'll go back to pushing pins into a map.

I used to do Foursquare a couple of years ago. Rapidly became boring though.
I never saw the point of Latitude other than having people spy on other people. i thought it was rather creepy, and was always the first APK i'd delete soon as i'd root. it reminded me of the GPS 'taddlers' one of my past jobs had on their trucks that i'd promptly disable. it was easy as it was crudely installed, a simple wire pull and *GONE!*