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Andostick HDMI Stick Android Stick for HDTV - anyone try to update firmware??

Discussion in 'Android TV' started by pcumming, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. pcumming

    pcumming New Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 5, 2010
    Android Stick firmware update error. Any help appreciated??

    Android version 4.03 on stick
    Firmware is June 2 2012 from artway.

    Anyone try to update the firmware on an Androstick (Android Stick with HDMI for HDTV)?

    I downloaded artway and other branded firmware.

    Got firmware from: androstick website

    Was trying to update firmware from June 02 to August 9, 2012

    I placed the files on a fat32 formatted micro sd card. I selected system upgrade, selected local storage which is the micro sd card, then I clicked on the update.zip, tried bin file does not matter what I select.

    I had all files in the root direcory of the micro sd 16gb card. The root had in it:
    update.zip, update folder (with all files extracted from update.zip), u-boot-aml-ucl.bin, uImage_recovery, and autoupdate folder.

    I could not get the stick to boot into update mode so I had to select it from settings. I followed the instructions for updating per the androstick website

    I get the following error every time regardless of what or how I try:
    E: Bad bootloader arguments
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Verifying update package...
    Installing update...
    assert failed: !less than..(int(1338631781. getprop(ro.build.date.utc"))
    E:Error in /cache/recovery/foo
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.



  2. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    Sep 17, 2011
    Go here and click the last image, it shows where the recovery/reset button is on the FVD-11 stick.

    That should get you into manual update mode, also before doing that re-format your SDcard as FAT16 or FAT32 then copy the zip renamed as update.img over to the SDcard.

    Count yourself lucky your device even has a recovery button, other Amlogic sticks don't have that.
  3. shklifo

    shklifo New Member

    Aug 30, 2012
    Hi Peter,

    I don't have Your box, but the error You get by flashing, is that the build date
    of the firmware you are trying to flash is lower than that is present on your device
    (You can find that string on the updater script, normally situated at

    So, If You don't have the recovery hole on Your box, the only way to do the upgrade
    is to change that number of build and sign your packages (update.zip) with a digital signature.
    This post can help You to do that.


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