Help Andriod smileys where are they?



I just got my S6 edge and when sending a text message I sometimes like to put a little smiley in the message, but on the S6 I can find them anywhere! I can find the emojis but they take up too many characters and sometime push a text message over to a multimedia message can anyone point me in the right direction please as to where to find them!? S6 edge Lollipop 5.1.1. Also when I turn off mobile data I get a pop up box saying I'm turning off mobile data or something like that. I know I'm turning it off I don't want to be told I'm turning it off. Is there a way to get rid of this box? I never had any of these problems with my note 3 I'm thinking of going back to it and giving this S6 to my other half.

Many thanks in advance...



Messaage>press and hold on the Enter arrow for about 4-5 seconds and the emojis should pop up
or you can either download a 3rd party app from the playstore