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andriod tablet

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Android Question

    Thread Starter

    I got my android tablet four days ago it has crashed and now it wont do anything it wont unlock or shut down what should I do?

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    It's 4 days old, so the warranty is hardly even exposed to the air. Bring it back for a replacement. or call and ask for an RMA (return material authorization) AND prepaid label to send it back if you didn't buy it from a local store. After a few months, they might tell you that you have to pay the shipping to return it, but after FOUR DAYS? (And I doubt that you were actually using it for 96 hours straight.) I'd make a fuss (politely, maybe ask to speak to the department manager) if they told me I had to pay shipping after 4 days. That's "infant mortality" in the business, and should have been caught during burn-in.

    Oh, that's right - actually TESTING a product might eat into the bottom line, so they don't do that any more, do they? </rant>

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