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Andriod to MySQL sync

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by droidDevnewbie, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. droidDevnewbie

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    ok, i would like to know how to display some information from a database, mySQL, to an andriod device, all i need to know is what do i need to put inplace, as i havnt (either because i am blind or havnt been searching correctly) found anything basic on this. All i want to do currently it to have a basic app displaying some text with a button to then display some more text, as this will help me learn and so on.

    i have no experince of andriod dev, and only a little in MySQL when setting up game tanking servers for BF2, so i am pretty new, but all i need is a point in the right direction and a hint or so.
    the end result will not be much more than dates for appionments to relate to differnet records, and to have an app that can be shared with same data to many users. It is to be a basic window for data on a vetinary practices database of customers/current treatments and appionments. sorry for big paragraph :/

    thanks in advance.



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