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Android 2.1 Update NZ

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sweetfa, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. sweetfa

    sweetfa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Update received today from LG

    Thank you for emailing LG Electronics Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd.

    We are awaiting Vodafone's approval to release the update. Unfortunately they haven't advised when this might be - but we hope it is within the next few weeks.

    I hope this has been of some assistance.

    So we just sit and wait "Yawn"

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  2. matrox02

    matrox02 Newbie

    aww stink... more pissing around from vodaphone and LG in NZ, I kinda hope 2degrees releases a android 2.1 for the android too though
  3. sweetfa

    sweetfa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sent an email off to Vodafone as well to ask what the hold up is ...no response to date
  4. sweetfa

    sweetfa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Vodafone replied - They are still testing it (Yeah right!) and they "Hope" to release it soon - Think it's time to install the Aussie one
  5. terrannz

    terrannz Lurker

    I was just about to try the aussie one. Have you done so since the last post?
  6. filoflavaz

    filoflavaz Lurker

    how would you go about installing the aussie one?

    i didnt realise 2.1 differed from region to region
  7. terrannz

    terrannz Lurker

    I tried using the LG update tool which said I'm up-to-date whivh, ofcourse, I'm not at version 1.6
  8. nzoliver

    nzoliver Lurker


    Is your phone NZ new or parallel? I have a parallel and it is version V10C.

    I am getting the same message or if the LG updater does work I get something like "model not supported for this update". :eek:
    How do we install the Oz firmwares?:thinking:

    Thanks all....:rolleyes:
  9. terrannz

    terrannz Lurker

    I tried using the update program via my pc but it said there were no updates. I emailed Vodafone and they said the update was being delayed due to an issue and said maybe two weeks.

    I have an nz phone from dick smith. I just typed this on my phone.
  10. nzoliver

    nzoliver Lurker


    What version is the software? It will come up when you use the LG updater programme. Mine V10C.
  11. sweetfa

    sweetfa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Finally - I updated LG PC Suite and then it advised that I had software upgrade for the ph - After 38 minutes of downloading and install - It's in and problem free - Yaaa - Interestingly the LG PC Suite thought I was in the states but as long as it updated I was happy.

    Torque now works which was why I got the ph in the first place

    All good
  12. nzoliver

    nzoliver Lurker

    Hi,Did this just happen today?


  13. nzoliver

    nzoliver Lurker

    Also, di you have a SIM card in when updating?
  14. sweetfa

    sweetfa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes happened today - and yes simcard was in
  15. nzoliver

    nzoliver Lurker


    Cool. What firmware did the updat programme say your phone had? Mine is V10C and won't update.
  16. sweetfa

    sweetfa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Went to VC20d with a date stamp of 1 December 2010
  17. nzoliver

    nzoliver Lurker

    Cool. Can you remember what the old one was?
  18. sweetfa

    sweetfa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    V10A - seems to run a lot smoother than the 1.6 - Wifi seems to have improved - and having Torque to my RX8 real time is just awesome
  19. nzoliver

    nzoliver Lurker


    Thanks. Mine is V10C so maybe it will happen soon....

    Ta. Oliver
  20. shouston

    shouston Lurker

    New Zealand update available. Give yourself plenty of time at least an hour, use this as a guide LGMobile Phone S/W Updater

    I did and have had no problems.
  21. shouston

    shouston Lurker

    On a NZ bought phone from Vodafone

    Firmware version now quoted as 2.1- update 1

    Kernel Version
    Thu DEC 2 18.48.38 IST 2010

    Software version GT540-V20d-DEC-2010

    All seems to work just fine. A slightly different look, new wallpapers, and re register to gmail, a bit smoother.
    Had to start from scratch on a few things, ie dictionary, bookmarks. But no issues remember follow guide do back ups. No hassles, allow a good hour or 2, conversion only took about 20 mins, but customizing takes the time.
  22. GeeWhizz

    GeeWhizz Lurker

    Hey guys.

    I'm in New Zealand and trying to update to 2.1 from 1.6.
    The LG updater software is still telling me there is no update available.
    (On windows 7 64bit which has always given me no end of trouble!)

    Does anyone know where to download the rom from so I can flash it myself?
  23. nzoliver

    nzoliver Lurker

    What software verision is in your phone now?
    Mine is V10C and no update yet. V10A is happening and that is in some of the Kiwi new ones.
    Might be a case of hanging on a few days and seeing...;)
  24. GeeWhizz

    GeeWhizz Lurker


    My software is V10A.

    Sounds like if you buy one new from Vodafone at the mo it comes with 2.1?

    I've been tempted to just install the Australian one and change my APN to suit but I might just wait a bit and see what comes up.

    It could be my windows 7 64bit system as I've had so much trouble with the
    updater program and the LG PC suite just refuses to work....
    Might try it on a freind's XP box and see if I have any more luck.

    If anyone know's how to get their hands on the NZ rom I'm all ears! :D
  25. wecancreate

    wecancreate Lurker


    I'm constantly trying to update my phone to 2.1, but it ain't workin for me. Software version is V10A, and Kernel version is 2.6.29.

    Firstly, the LG PC Suite won't even detect my phone. Also the updater detects the phone, but halfway through the initial check (before I can even hit "Start Updating") it stops. The program doesn't freeze it just doesn't move forward - I've let it go for about 15 minutes but it still does nothing. It stops when it's checking the phone connection.
    I've found if I quickly unplug it and plug it back in (I know it shouldn't), it continues to check everything else so I can start updating. But after that, the updater itself stops at 40% at the "Analysis" stage.

    Can anyone help or give me some advice on what to do? I'm guessing this is probably an issue with my handset?

    Thanks! :)

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