Oct 9, 2010
Mine is a LG Optimus GT540 with a 3 MP camera. I recently updated it from 1.6 to 2.1 as the update was given out by LG itself. Now I'm running 2.1 on it. The problem are

1. The Video Recorder records in low quality 3GP. I used to get nice quality MP4 in 1.6
2. When I preview the video it opens the Media Player and shows me the video library instead of the video itself

Any suggestions regarding this? I'm frustrated now :mad::(:thinking:
i have same problem now upgraded to 2.1..rubbbish 3gp video recording,,is there a way to fix this? does the hard reset fix the problem?
Hi i too got a lg540 just 2 days back the person who sold it claimed to be from lg and recomended a upgrade to 2.1 from 1.6.well this is what i noticed.the default video file on the sd card supplied by lg did not play after upgrade to 2.1 ,i get the message "warning cannot play this file".
3g problems the indicator on the screen shows 2g usually and occasionally 3g even when i don't change any settings.i upgraded through lg direct service center.
Hmm interesting...

I found this link here maybe this will give you some clues maybe:

MP4 Recording on 2.1 Eclair - xda-developers

It is about eclair (2.1) and video recording quality seems to have dropped for the LG GT540 (Optimus) and maybe all 2.1 devices? I dunno did not read all of it :)

Hope this helps

Keep well


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