Help Android 2.2 - backing up phone


Hi all

I have been looking at backing up my Desire so i can put the HTC version of 2.3 on my phone.

I cant find any answers tho

Whats the easyest way to back my phone up? Most of my apps are on my SD card but some will not move

plug in via USB and copy everything? or will an app do it to my pc or sd card?

any advise before i do anything




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no its not a root'd phone - i did try that program and it didnt work.

I downloaded app backup and restore and sms backup and i pleased with the little playing i done.

So over the weekend i will back all my phone up and shoe horn 2.3 on my desire


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At the end they say that the feature is disabled in Froyo 2.2. You can reach the menu settings, but the actual functionality is gone...

I'd recommend "My backup" too...