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Android 2.2 Froyo on Samsung Galaxy Spica - when ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cstavaru, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. cstavaru

    cstavaru Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I have a Samsung Galaxy Spica in addition to my Nexus One. Wonderful and affordable Android phone ! I managed to install Android 2.1 on it, but now since Froyo appeared (and noticing how much speedier my Nexus One has become since installing it) I am very insterested to know if there are any plans from Samsung to release a Froyo update for Spica ?

    More precisely:

    1. Is the Spica processor able to handle the Android 2.2 ? It's an 800MHz ARM...
    2. Does the Spica have enough RAM for Froyo ? I read Froyo has an updated Linux kernel which frees up more RAM, so I suppose Spica would benefit ?
    3. Is the Spica resolution (320x480) enough for Froyo ?

    Thanks !

  2. cloud11

    cloud11 Newbie

    Yes the spica should be able to handle froyo as many devices will but samsung will not update the spica as with all their other phones just look at the moment. Your only hope is to root it and get froyo on there.
  3. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast

    We may not get an Official upgrade to 2.2. But it is dead simple to dump your firmware and create a file for file backup.

    Our hope lies in the fact IF another phone running the same processor as the Spica gets 2.2, then some inspiring people MAY be able to extract the necessary files and create a sudo 2.2 that will run on the Spica.

    This is being done already. Check out my thread on How to make your Spica run fast
  4. So I guess the thing to do now is bombard Samsung support with "When do we get it for the Galaxy Spica" messages.
  5. Shantra

    Shantra Newbie

    Before I bought my phone (picking it up today), I contacted the Norwegian support center and asked if 2.2 will be added.

    The answer was quite unclear. She said that Samsung don't follow the Android update, for then to release new versions. What I could understand, was that Samsung is following their own timetable, working bugs etc., and then (if there is a new version of Android), it will be added in the new release (after testing). So, could take some time... Or, if some important bug-fixes should force them to an early update, then they also could add the new Android version.

    She said that Android 2.2 should work fine (unofficially speaking) since the main feature in 2.2 is actually a speed boost. Being less demanding on the internal processor.

    Finally she said that, even though this phone now is "old", it sells well, and she hadn't heard anything about out-fazing it (stop to support it). That's good news.

    But, this was only one persons opinion and information, so it should not be regarded as "fact".

    Maybe the phone will be popular so long that we will see a 2.3 version :)
  6. jimmy1

    jimmy1 Lurker

    I would be happy to hear any more infos from samsung about froyo. Apparently no one can say anything more about it
  7. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast

    As mentioned above, Google have released the source code for Froyo. The problem now is how to get Froyo to run on the I5700. ie WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, graphics, sound I/O etc.

    These are not part of the google source code release, as they are created by the manufacturer. We need this info from Samsung. Or as I said, if a phone similar to the i5700 in released with Froyo, it may be possible nick/hack these dirvers and put together a working Froyo firmware.

    Have a read here
  8. Shantra

    Shantra Newbie


    Isn't Galaxy Spica equipped with an internal processor supporting FM radio, but, it's not connected/activated? Have read something about this on the net. If so, it may be disconected completely (no possability for an external antenna), or Samsung is waiting for an Android version supporting it. Anyone? I miss an FM radio.

    Also, is A-GPS also a software "thing" or isn't this phone capable of this feature? I have found (on other phones) that A-GPS (Assisted GPS) is very useful when no GPS signal is found. Not as exact, but better than nothing. I even could get a semi-precise position indoors.
  9. glacher

    glacher Lurker

    Just got a mail from Samsung support

    from[​IMG]SAMSUNG ERMS <dear_customer@sec-erms.samsung.com>toxxxxxx
    date[​IMG]Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 9:42 AMsubject[​IMG]RE]Samsung GT-i5700mailed-by[​IMG]sec-erms.samsung.com
    hide details 9:42 AM (8 minutes ago)

    Images are not displayed.
    Display images below - Always display images from dear_customer@sec-erms.samsung.com

    <img width="10" height="10"> <img width="640" height="10"> <img width="10" height="10"> <img width="10" height="55"> <img width="85" height="55"> <img width="225" height="55"> <img width="10" height="55"> &#12288; <img width="640" height="75"> &#12288; &#12288; &#12288;
    Please note that this e-mail has come from an outbound response system.
    Any direct response to this e-mail will not reach the customer care
    inbox. If you do need to contact us again please click on the 'contact
    us' link located at the bottom of the email or copy the following into
    your Browser:
    Contact Us

    Dear Keith Fitzmaurice

    Customer Reference Number 2104175225

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics regarding your enquiry.
    The Android 2.2 should be available from September, this will be
    announced on the website.

    I hope this has been of some assistanceto you. If you do have any
    further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us quoting your 210-
    reference number.

    Kind Regards

    Samsung Electronics UK
    Customer Communication Centre
    Tel.: 0845 726 7864 (All calls charged at Local Rate)
    Homepage: www.samsung.com/uk

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  10. sefa044

    sefa044 Lurker

    the using of froyo will be able to on the galaxy portal right?
  11. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast

  12. Correct.

    Samsung want you to spend MORE money on a Galaxy S.

    Ravensaviour.... Singapore and Finland can be added to the Samsung Support entities that say it will not be updated.

    How confident are you now?

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