May 23, 2011
Hi all,
does anybody know Android to hide part of the internal available memory? I recently bought a ZT 180 v2 tablet. It should be equipped with 4GB of internal ROM memory, but system info exposes 2.3 of total internal ROM memory. The seller keeps telling that Android shows only the part of memory not occupied by itself. I'm not sure he's telling the truth.

Thanks in advance
My guess is that it has 4GB total nand flash memory, from which only 2.3GB is the /data partition. Some memory will be allocated to for example System partition, where Android OS is installed (read-only).
Install Quick System Info and see what it says about memory statistics.
What if, in my internal microSD card of the tablet, when dumped, Gparted shows a 200MB unallocated partition at the beginning of the card? what is it for?

Then there are 3 partition (system, app, cache) and the last, FAT32 for user data.

I've tryed endless times, I cannot get rid of it via Gparted, some errors (overlapping partition?).