Help Android 2.2

The Nervous

Aug 11, 2010
Hi guys,

My girlfriend has just got an SGS, she is really fancy of it :D Anyway, I noticed that she got Android 2.2 and mine is 2.1?? How do I upgrade to 2.2? And also she has got some new items such as NOVA, Task manager and more (Dont remember). So I assume that you get these things when installed 2.2.

So how do I upgrade my phone to Android 2.2?

Android 2.2 is not officially released yet for the Galaxy S, neither does it come with Nova as standard, that's a Gameloft game that must be purchased separately. Did she buy it brand new or used?

Sounds like someone has flashed it using ODIN and put 2.2 on the handset along with a couple of other apps
If you want to put 2.2 on your phone, you need software called ODIN and the relevant files from

Do some reading up on it all first, the XDA forums are a great source of help for flashing but be very careful, I've bricked my handset once already and had to send it off for a re-flash
Be careful, do some research, follow the instructions explicitly and you should be fine. I've flashed mine quite a few times now without incident. I highly recommend updating to one of the recent 2.2 firmwares, I've been loving mine for over a month now! sure that your GS has three button recovery available before any flashing attempts (its in the instructions too, but I mentioned it again because its vital!).
Hi, I'm asking for a friend; is there any idea when 2.2 will be available officially in the UK?
latest chat I've seen for UK availability from Samsung is the 11th November.... whether that materialises or not is anyones guess.

It is supposedly going to be available via the KIES software.

Additionally, it is unknown if the UK carriers have any say when it is released for their 'branded' handsets. (Although I'm with Orange UK, the phone came from Carphone Warehouse and is unbranded)

I've already upgraded to 2.2 using the ODIN route and as you can see from the comments above, it really isn't for the fainthearted. Even if you follow the instructions on XDA developers to the letter, there are still a couple of gotchas.

I'm not completely technical inept but it is a little bit hit or miss. From what I've seen with 2.2 since Friday it is a real improvement though.

If I was you, I'd wait another week to see if the official release date gets pushed back again. hope this helps
As we all now know Froyo is now available.

However..... the 11th Novemebr still stands for ALL remaining SGS phones.
In other words you can get it now but by the 11th Nov all phones should have it.