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Android 2.x on Galaxy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DaSchmarotzer, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me
    Thread Starter

    Welcome to the official Android 2.x thread on the Galaxy!

    It has been confirmed multiple times that Samsung would not update the phone any further than Android 1.6. Their reason? They stated hardware, but when other phones with the same specs got updates, they simply said that they wouldn't do it.

    So this means we'll never get 2.x on the Galaxy? Not at all! We are lucky to have developers working on porting 2.2 on the phone!

    In fact, Mustymod ported 2.0 to the phone, but a lot of stuff didn't work, such as Wifi, Bluetooth, the camera, etc. It is not really a viable option for serious users, but it shows that it is possible to run 2.x on the Galaxy! You can still try it, look around if you are interested. Musty didn't finish the ROM, in fact he kind of disappeared. But it was still great to have him do that.

    That's it? NO.

    All of our hopes are now in the hands of Drakaz and other developpers, which I'll cite when their project is over. Drakaz is the one who did Galaxo, the best ROM for the Galaxy (and the custom recovery!), so we know he's a good developer, and he sure listens to feedback. He does it all for free, but he is accepting donations. ;)

    What's their project? It's GAOSP. I think it stands for Galaxy Android Open Source Project. As of right now, GAOSP is a working 2.2 ROM still in development. Just like Mustymod, some things are not working yet, I'm talking about the camera, bluetooth, and a few more things, but it's getting better and better. There was one beta made available (for free, as usual), but there has been progress made since then.


    June 9th 2010: 3D is working! Live wallpapers, Gallery3D, Neocore, etc, all work! ;) We're hoping for camera soon and some new stuff!

    June 25th 2010: 2nd Beta available NOW! :D Check drakaz.com for instructions and the changelog!

    July 23rd 2010: GAOSP is now based on Froyo! Nightly builds are now going to be released, starting today.

    August 23rd 2010: There has been some development with the camera on GAOSP! Thanks to Nopy, the I7500 can now take 5MP pictures on Froyo! Video works too! (It's not perfect though, but it's getting better and better as I'm writing this! ;))

    September 21st 2010: Camera has been working for a while now, thanks to Nopy and the team!


    GAOSP on Google code
    Drakaz github
    Nopy's website

    There's still hope for 2.x on the Galaxy, but not from Samsung! (don't forget that the ROM made by drakaz is better than the firmwares made by Samsung ;))

    (The first replies down there might not make much sense now that the post has been modified.)

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  2. MichaelW

    MichaelW Android Enthusiast

    It was posted earlier, but in the sticky thread at the top of the forum so you may have missed it. :)

    Some more info from an Italian user testing the ROM here... Google Translate
  3. Bomberman

    Bomberman Android Enthusiast

    Finally some potentially good news. Unsurprisingly not from Samsung.
  4. apolloFER

    apolloFER Well-Known Member

    Absolutely wonderful news!!! :DDD Best news since I bought my Galaxy. Will wait for wifi and other things to work. I'm curious to see how they made the baseband communication. :)
  5. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

    Great News!

    Hebote konacno! :)
  6. FLT

    FLT Well-Known Member

    Some pictures from another forum :)






  7. MichaelW

    MichaelW Android Enthusiast

    ...and a video

  8. sado1

    sado1 Well-Known Member

    Drakaz didn't do it, only mustymod. This guy even didn't use drakaz' recovery, made his own.
  9. mkrmec

    mkrmec Well-Known Member

    Looks like it's working even faster than IK4 :D bear in mind only an Alpha release :D Now... Mustymod, Drakaz and other uber ppl that know how to get this thing together program your arse off pls :D
  10. apolloFER

    apolloFER Well-Known Member

    Wow... It looks so sleek and smooth! Absolutely can't wait!!! This + 4.4 recovery will be awesome!
  11. mkrmec

    mkrmec Well-Known Member

    Does the phone need to be rooted for this to work?
  12. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    multitouch support? or is this to do with the drivers for samsungs screen being borked?
  13. sado1

    sado1 Well-Known Member

    edit: nvm what was written here, misunderstood.
    No multitouch yet it seems, or no apps inside to use that. No root needed but it flashes ur phone with completely custom firmware, based on Android sources instead of Samsung's firmware.
  14. apolloFER

    apolloFER Well-Known Member

    Yes yes, I know... But why wouldn't I put Drakaz recovery to enable root? :) After I flash it with this guys' Eclair. :)
  15. mkrmec

    mkrmec Well-Known Member

    Just did it... it seem laggyer than the video... hehe and the samsung lock button doesn't work :D instead of it it's the shutdown button. And there is no gallery program .. grr

    Edit 1: samsung unlock button works.. but it takes ages :D
    Edit 2: Music player seems the same
    phone works
    functions are rather useless at this point... allot of stuff not working :D
    Edit 3: best thing at this moment is the new unlocking screen
    going back to IK4 now .. miss it allready NOT!!
  16. frostering

    frostering Newbie

    I tried it and works perfect. But no wifi yet... T_T
  17. Matenrou

    Matenrou Newbie

    Tried it and it shows promise, however too many vital features are missing. Will use it when they are added though. Need a phone to use atm so I had to reflash galaxo and couldnt try it as long as i hoped to.
  18. tsphere

    tsphere Member

    This is wonderful news! as the rild was considered the difficult part, and that is apparently been overcome, this makes me very optimistic.
  19. mvnjpy

    mvnjpy Member

    great! now we don't need to lose sleep or cry over this issue anymore =p
  20. Clandes

    Clandes Lurker

    Good news, good job!
  21. jonny_quest

    jonny_quest Lurker

    That's what we're all waiting for!

    Slazem se, hebote :)
  22. briany

    briany Newbie

    best news for the galaxy ever!
    i'll wait till wifi works, but its still very exciting
  23. apolloFER

    apolloFER Well-Known Member

    The last picture is really promising. You can see it says 35MB of free memory. I wonder if that's with no killed apps (aka after a standard boot with gmail, calendar and widgets running). I never get even close to 35MB. I mean, I do after i kill the unnecesarry apps but then it drops down. It usually runs between 20 and 25MB free memory.
  24. wallysh

    wallysh Newbie

    Wish Samsung take a note of this. Shame on you Samsung.
  25. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Android Expert

    Samsung is taking note of nothing. LA LA LA LA LA! ... :(

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