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Android 2.x - Realistic Exchange Support?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Phrost6, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Phrost6

    Phrost6 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Mar 13, 2010
    We just got two Motorola Droid phones to play with here at the office and have a few questions about what others are seeing in regards to Exchange/ActiveSync support.
    These are both on Verizon and have been tested with WiFi and 3G- issue is present on both networks.

    First of all, initial setup and sync works fine on our Exchange 2007 SP2 system. After that however things start to go down hill.
    One of the big problems we've been seeing on these units is that the stock email client seems to randomly stop syncing emails with no failure or other error message visible in the client.

    Dropped by #android-dev and got some instructions for turning debugging on and ended up finding this in the logs:
    03-11 20:12:32.647 D/Inbox(Exchange)( 1615): sync, sending Email syncKey: 40
    03-11 20:12:33.320 V/EasParser( 1615): Class: Email
    03-11 20:12:33.320 V/EasParser( 1615): SyncKey: 40
    03-11 20:12:33.327 D/Inbox(Exchange)( 1615): Parsed key for Inbox: 40
    03-11 20:12:33.327 D/Inbox(Exchange)( 1615): !! SyncKey hasn't changed, setting moreAvailable = false
    03-11 20:12:33.381 D/Inbox(Exchange)( 1615): Inbox SyncKey saved as: 40
    03-11 20:12:33.389 D/Inbox(Exchange)( 1615): Returning moreAvailable = false
    03-11 20:12:33.389 D/Inbox(Exchange)( 1615): Sync finished

    Obviously Android doesn't think anything's changed on the Exchange server even though there are three new messages visible in OWA. None of our other device users (Win Mobile / iPhone / etc) have reported any problems with ActiveSync.

    I ran a query on the server and noticed that we have a bunch of users running the following ActiveSync implementation:

    Android-EAS/0.1 (HTC Client presumably?)

    Our stock phones show as Android/0.3.

    My question is- has anyone else had similar issues? Does TouchDown fix all of this and work reliably for corporate users? I'm rather shocked that Verizon is marketing these as the be-all-end-all phone with Exchange support but we tend to think of email as a rather basic necessity for a smartphone.

    Any Nexus One users have issues on 2.1? (I wonder if it's specific to the Motorola build- I assume the Nexus One would use the same stock email client)


  2. Shaunj

    Shaunj New Member

    May 23, 2010
    I dont have any email sync issues but i don't get my contacts from exchange how did you get this to work?

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