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Android 3.0 ''Gingerbread'' Due in Q4 2010

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Demax_max, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Demax_max

    Demax_max Newbie
    Thread Starter

  2. mudrock1000

    mudrock1000 Android Enthusiast

    I believe somewhere in this chain, someone is trollnig. Idk if it is OP, the sources...or where the sources got the information. 2.2 is barely out and Google said the updates would be slowing down.
  3. mgillespie

    mgillespie Well-Known Member

    "iPhone OS 4.0 Contender: Android 2.2 or 3.0? : Product Reviews Net"


    Android 1.0 the iPhone OS 4.0 contender....
  4. Dragon3463

    Dragon3463 Lurker

    They certainly lagged in the release of 2.1, so why not 2.2? LOL
  5. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    Wouldn't be surprised if the Nexus Two releases next Jan with Gingerbread.
  6. ylexot

    ylexot Android Expert

    I thought they said that they would be slowing down after Gingerbread. Froyo and Gingerbread are supposed to decouple many parts of the OS so that the users can update OS components without having to wait for the phone manufacturer to make an updated OS specifically for each phone.
  7. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Android Expert

    I hope that is true
  8. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Android Expert

    They need to get this done as we have to wait for the manufacture to sort out the updates and it takes months (if not longer).
  9. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

    While I can't wait for Gingerbread, I will do just fine for however long it takes on my Droid running Froyo. It's solid, fast and plays flash beautifully...Chrome 2 Android is awesome as well...
  10. Demax_max

    Demax_max Newbie
    Thread Starter

    More info about new on features of Gingerbread)))

    Google confirms first feature for Android’s Gingerbread release Icrontic Tech

    Froyo and Gingerbread to Bring Android Unity - Along with the platform's maturity, focus on apps and features - Softpedia

    @dmodert66, many of us are claiming to stick to what we have as it works, it is stable and so on bla-bla-bla... but at the end everyone cries to get new version of OS to expand the features of our droids! Surely your phone is great... But Gingerbread is awesome!))
  11. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

  12. Demax_max

    Demax_max Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You are right that we do not know the exact features of Gingerbread... but so far Google was not disapointing us with every new version of OS. I truely believe that there will be enough nice surprises in Gingerbread.))) Fingers crossed))
  13. Eusibius2

    Eusibius2 Well-Known Member

    This would be great... doesn't somebody else already do an update patch Tuesday? Maybe Google can claim Wednesday's. LOL!

    but seriously - updating just components instead of the whole thing would be best all around.
  14. Demax_max

    Demax_max Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I think that there is nothing bad that Google is so innovative and trying to make their OS more functional, fast, user friendly and so on... it would be pitty if they followed the route of Microsoft and would release buggy OS and implement some useless updates after ages...

    The solution to all problems associated with upgrades to newer versions of OS could be more advanced syncronisation of the data stored in the phone. If we could sync apps, contacts, settings, all setups of mails and other apps, then we would have no issue. We would sync everything, load new OS, sync again and enjoy Google's innovations.

    But taken that Google is listening very carefully to the needs of customers, I believe they will implement some solution in this respect in the future. Just give them some time)))
  15. mook73

    mook73 Lurker

    wow. this is getting exciting. Android 3.0? hmmm :)
  16. Eusibius2

    Eusibius2 Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea that somebody / anybody is willing and actively updating the software that runs my phone. I'm so tired of buying a phone only to find out that 2 weeks later it's not going to be supported anymore.

    My pun about super Tuesday patches, was merely a that. A pun. Android 3.0 would be waaaayyy cool. :cool:
  17. Demax_max

    Demax_max Newbie
    Thread Starter

  18. trick202

    trick202 Android Expert

    Can someone tell me when they are going to actually officially release 2.2? I'm OFFICIALLY, not just the leaked BS.

    If they want to remain a purists platform, then that's cool. However, if they want to become more mainstream, there a LONG way to go!

    Having pops at Apple on stage at IO seems embarrassing now - especially since we STILL have no update and the leaked versions are buggy to say the least (from the multitude of reports I've read).

    Mr Duarte needs to produce some results FAST as Android is still looking like a work-in-progress.
  19. Demax_max

    Demax_max Newbie
    Thread Starter

    But look at it from another angle. iPhone is on the market since June 2007, while the first launch of Android was in October 2008. Obviously Apple had more than a year advantage in the market vs android phones.

    When android was launched it could not even closely be compared to iPhone as majority of the functionality was not implemented yet. Most people could not believe that android could ever overcome iOS and Windows.

    But prompt updates and modification of OS by Google together with huge efforts from partners launching nice phones running android has brought its results and android is bypassing iPhone now. Today nobody can claim that iPhone is more functional and android is missing anything that iPhone has. At minimum android is as good as iPhone 4 and in reality it overcomes it in many things including hardware.

    Therefore taken the short timeline I personally think that Google is doing a great job in developing their android OS and very soon their baby may become the most popular OS for smartphones.

    However updates to newer OS might be taking longer than for iOS due to the fact that it shall be customised by phone manufacturers, which might have already a number of models running android in their portfolio (Apple has advantage by having to deal with the same hardware). Surely it creates certain delays, but should not be too bad at the end. We already have superior phones compared to anything available in the market (if you look at all parameter: functionality of OS, variety of hardware, no. of apps, support by carriers, pricing segments and etc.).
  20. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    So buy an iPhone. Seems to be what you want.
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  21. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Android Expert

    Android is a work in progress. It's constantly changing, shifting, updating and modifying. That's why it's great. :)

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