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Android 4.0 (ICS) - when?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ashimashi, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. swingman

    swingman Newbie

    Its bull $hit. Did they wait until carriers sold millions of SII before releasing the unbranded. Not at all. They don't want to issue ICS to unbranded because you all will blame SAMSUNG when it crashes!! Where as if the update from the carrier then its not SAMSUNG'S FAULT..:mad:


  2. PhoneTips

    PhoneTips Newbie

    Just been reading the Cnet article about the release. I can't help but think this is going to hurt the wider Android community. The SGS2 is arguably the flagship Android device and if a major Android release can't be managed properly, then god help the rest of the devices out there. On top of that, I had thought Samsung could handle something like this. They are making money hand over fist and consistently beating Apple in monthly handset sales. How can they not manage an update like this properly?

    Being a carrier-free owner, I also can't help but think that Samsung are priortising the carriers because that's where the largest revenue streams are. What they don't realise is that the opion formers, bloggers, mobile site owners and tech geeks are more than likely carrier-free owners. They'll be the ones shouting the loudest over this. What a mess...
  3. chillibean

    chillibean Well-Known Member

    Damm joke. It was the whole reason I didn't get an orange branded version! Really unhappy with this especially seeing as I was giving samsung a second chance after problems with my first Samsung phone
  4. andy66

    andy66 Member

    i wasnt that bothered about ics,id of preffered to get the 2.3.5 and 6 updates but after reading what that buffoon from samsung has had to say im pissed.('our communication wasnt very good',they have a multi million dollar PR machine.thier communication works exactly how they want it to)
    they must think everyone is a bit thick,if they had been honest from day one it wouldnt be so bad.
    pass the update out and everyone gets it at the same time,instead of playing silly games.

    worst part is we are going to get the same mess about when jellybean chocolate fudge cake comes out
  5. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Android Expert

    First of all, Samsung never needed to roll out ICS for SGS2 if they didn't want to. There is already Nexus and SGS3 coming up. Even the latest Sony phone is on GB.

    For me, I think Samsung was way too optimistic with their initial attempt to give ICS. They mentioned they wanted to roll it out first quarter and they did even though it wasn't ready. That's where the mistake is, and not because people think they deserve ICS.

    Samsung should take their time and get it right before rolling it out. And you have to understand that Android is a lot more complicated than IOS because of the different type of handsets and configuration available. Even Apple only rolled out IOS 5 for IP4 with the launch of the IP4s. And even that was not without issues.

    I bought this phone because it had awesome specs at the time it was bought, not because ICS was coming. If ICS was that important to you, get the Nexus or flash a custom Rom. If you still think because Samsung didn't roll out ICS to you, and you swear off Samsung after this, the loss is not on Samsung, the loss is on you for giving out the best handset currently available.

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  6. Nodders

    Nodders Android Enthusiast

    I'm afraid you've somewhat missed the point Russell. Samsung have committed to releasing ICS for the S2 which is very nice of them, but makes your first sentence utterly irrelevant to the debate.

    And you're right - they should take their time over it, no-one is really arguing any differently (I think). What has wound people up is the utter failure of customer communications. Announcements about dates that don't materialise or are highly semantic in meaning, cynical release to third parties and lies or incompetence in subsequent corporate announcements. These are the things that irritate, not the issues you note, so again I'm afraid the rest of your post doesn't really relate to any of the main points.

    In all, I'm not really sure what you're arguing as it seems to belong to about 2 months ago when there was some question about whether ICS would come to the S2 or not.
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  7. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Android Expert

    If people want to complain about their customer service, that's fine. Samsung was never know for their customer service anyway. And they did screw up a bit on their announcements and poor communications. I see it as the culture in Asia where face is so important that saying sorry is not the first thing that they do. And just in case you think I am racists, I am Asian.

    PR machines also require approval from management, and management is at the end of the day Asians with Asian culture. That said, I do think its getting better with the transparency, etc...

    What I think is not right is people complaining about not receiving ICS expecting it is a given right that they receive it. And the worst is just because they don't receive it, they say I am going back to IPhones, never buying Samsung phones ever.... forgetting why they bothered to get SGS2 in the first place.
  8. Mahoni

    Mahoni Newbie

    Just read vodafones blog nexus s 4.0.4 now rolling out so hopefully there near done with SGS2 testing

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  9. andy66

    andy66 Member

    like i said before,i wasnt and still arent that bothered about ics but after all the hype samsung have created.....thats what got me mad.

    and why do people keep bringing up apple and the ios updates:thinking:

    if they are faster,better,bigger.......who gives a toss,im thinking the majority of people have taken issue with all this down to the incompetance of the rollout.
    rightly so too

    i dont think anyone bought the phone because of ICS,its a good handset and thats it.
  10. delta0

    delta0 Newbie

    The Vodafone app just updated itself to work with Android 4.0. ICS must be just about ready.
  11. JamieLeeWV

    JamieLeeWV Newbie

    Is ICS available for t mobile uk for the s2? As i am due an upgrade and debating over this the nexus or the xperia s
  12. Kibbster

    Kibbster Android Expert

    As far as I know T-Mobile probably have the ROM but haven't announced it's release yet, they are busy putting their own bloatware over it and as the rest of the big networks have released/ have said they'll release soon I doubt it will be that long.
    Having said that it's in T-mobiles hands, so who knows.
    Keep an eye on their Twitter/ Facebook page, it'll probably be announced there when they are about to push it out.
  13. Mahoni

    Mahoni Newbie

    I never recieved this? :-( what app exactly was it?

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  14. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

  15. ashimashi

    ashimashi Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Been waiting since October to update my Bell Samsung GT-I9100M. Don't even think it will come any more. It is taking way too long.
  16. zygys

    zygys Newbie

    Hello what's is the latest firmware now for Samsung Galaxy S 2,because a few days i updated to XXLPQ and now you can update to I9100XXLPS,i want to know because every new firmware has some changes,like some apps didn't work on XXLPQ but they are working good on XXLPS,so how can i find out when the new firmware is up???
  17. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Connect your phone to Kies or check in Settings > About phone > Software update or scan the forum.
  18. Quboid

    Quboid Android Enthusiast

    What hype have Samsung actually created? I only know of a few tweets, hardly a huge PR hype machine.
  19. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Android Expert

    Haha... good one. :D
    A couple of tweets and everyone gets so excited. Then get mad when it doesn't come true...

    Wait until SGS3 gets delayed another time. :rolleyes:
  20. andy66

    andy66 Member

    i wouldnt know about twitter,never been on there.

    SAMSUNG put the info out and just about every tech site on the internet have been reporting it for months and its started many many threads on many many sites.

    Thats HYPE and SAMSUNG created it.
  21. floosy

    floosy Newbie

    I used Odin a couple of weeks ago to flash on the official ICS 4.03 international ROM onto my SG2. Ive since reflashed it back to GB. Why? Because the phone was noticeably "jerkier" and slower on the ICS ROM and a biggy for me was they have removed rDAP support from the firmware which, if anyone drives a VAG car with the factory bluetooth fitted will know is a big loss and definitely not worth the new menus, graphics and other sundry bits ICS has over GB. Infact my ICS experience was that is was nothing more than a slower, less functional but slightly prettier (in places) version of GB.

    So for me I will be staying on GB until/if they fix all the bits they so obviously broke and left out in the ICS ROM or until the SG3 comes out as long as it supports rDAP. If not I shall be keeping my SG2 with GB on it for the foreseable future, since I can't actually think of a valid reason to change it.
  22. mystvearn

    mystvearn Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the feedback
  23. antpal

    antpal Member

    Anybody know when mobilcom debitel (DBT) customers on Vodafone Germany will get the update?
    I'm getting bored of the same old spam on the german forums lol.
  24. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    SamKiesUpdates VD2 = Germany (Vodafone) I9100BULPC/I9100VD2LP8 sammobile.com/kies
    40 minutes ago
  25. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that the Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update UK release date will be 19 March.

    Samsung told us: "Samsung UK can confirm that the roll out of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on Galaxy S II will be available from week commencing March 19, however the availability of software upgrades in the UK will be dependent upon each network's own software approvals process."

    Update: Even though Samsung said it would be rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich to networks and sim-free Galaxy S2 owners from March 19, a surprising (and confusing) u-turn by Samsung confirms it's still working on the update, with no release date available yet - although Three and O2 users are able to download the update already.

    Update: April 12 - A T-Mobile spokesperson has confirmed its Ice Cream Sandwich update is still in the testing phase.

    Taken from Drippler on a tech radar post, just one of many reports, So I can understand why the unbranded guys feel annoyed.

    as for the update, I would like to see it on my phone but only if it's as good if not better than the GB version, and it somehow fixes the bloody echo!

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