Dec 25, 2013
Hi All,

Good Day!

I have an upgraded Android 4.2.2 for my Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150 but somehow I just don't like the way the battery drains faster. I would like to revert back the changes I did, I want to downgrade back to 2.3.6 Gingerbread.

I used Odin when I upgraded my phone to 4.2.2 and just followed the tutorial in the internet sites and downloaded the necessary files to upgrade.

Now I am currently looking for the tar file for 2.3.6 but for now I have no luck because the hotfile site was already shutdown. But I am still hoping to find one.

Here are my questions:

1. Is the procedure of downgrading is the same with Upgrading?
2. If ever I could not able to find the tar file or the image for 2.3.6, is it possible to use the image that I backed up when I was upgrading to 4.2.2? If so, Can you give me the details or procedures on how to do it please?

Any replies are highly appreciated.

Thank you