Mine is on T-Mobile US and they actually took five months to push the 4.2 OTA. I wonder if there is a way to flash an FTF from another regions firmware without rooting or using adb or anything?
Nothing yet - I keep looking at Update Manager every day!

So did I, everyday from the 19th but no luck. Then I used PCC (was going to backup my phone) and then it popped up saying that 4.3. was ready. It might just had been a coincidence though.

Edit: I live in Denmark btw
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I've updated to 4.3 smoothly via PC Companion. First impressions:

A little snappier than before

Slightly different colour scheme (lighter on the menus rather than black)

Battery icon is stood up on its end rather than lying flat - this is making me more uncomfortable than it probably should be

Google services wake lock issue is still there, but still too early to tell as to what extent it's still there.

Will report back more tomorrow when it's had a chance to bed in.
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Oh what the hey... dropped out of root and went ahead with the update. I'm liking the improvements so far. :)