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Android 4GB RAM 120€/$140 ?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by DivaythFyr, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. DivaythFyr

    DivaythFyr Lurker
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    Hi, i need help to find an android to deal with games.
    Any suggestions?


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  2. You won't get high graphics settings but Nokia 5.3 (new) with SD665 on 720p screen @ £149, Realme 6ii around £179 / 189.
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T was down on sale to £129 direct with 1080p screen and nfc but back to 179, but Redmi Note 9 (not S or Pro) is down to £149 last few days. (mi.com)
    Motorola Moto G7 Power (now getting Android 10) around £130 now.

    Others I can't think of right now.

    Where are you - Ireland or EU?
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  3. DivaythFyr

    DivaythFyr Lurker
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    Thanks all.
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  4. Have you looked at reviews, written or You Tube.
    What are your essentials. We don't know.

    Do you play online with other players (I don't play games). Do you want a full HD screen which will limit your options. Do you need to make payments with an NFC enabled device.

    Are you OK with small or slimmer screens though most are over 6 - 6.2 inches.

    Are you OK with a single speaker which is most.
    Some have larger fromt cameras or twin holes in one corner.

    Can you stretch to around £200 - 250 UK prices which will give you more choice.

    Do you want it as a sole device and to last 2 or 3 years. Xiaomi/ Redmi and Realme etc are great value spec wise but don't promise long updates that I can see, and may have tech repairs via shipping to another European country or Hong Kong. They upgrade their UI and apparently are OK and not too bloated. though current and last years models are due the Current Android OS

    The Redmi Note 9 is back to £149 here and you may consider the Sony Xperia L4.

    Around £200+ UK the Realme 6, Moto G8 Power (G Power), Realme 6 Pro well there's a lot Ive been looking at myself for general use. Realme have good processors.

    You need a response from gamers and I don't know what is available in Portugal. Does it have to be new with the latest OS.
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  5. DivaythFyr

    DivaythFyr Lurker
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    The essential is performance.
    It's a strategy game online.There's many resources to load in the world map that i need to load fast without waiting them to spawn.
    I don't care about HD, cameras or payments, just need the performance really maybe the screen is important to take in consideration bigger the better i guess can explore more in the game.
    I didn't watch reviews because i don't know what is good or bad or what is more suitable for my needs.
    Last time i had a phone was 8 years ago, now i just need it to have another option besides a pc to deal with this strategy game.
    I can only use this budget.
    The idea is just to get some suggestions to help me decide based on my needs and then i'll compare the price in Portugal.
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  6. I can get a £60 voucher of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 with 4/128gb and a mediatek helio G85 which apparently have good gaming capabilities. So I would pay £139 not £199.
    I just played a game twice on their anniversary offers on the Mi website.
    The Redmi 9 is not much less well specced and is I think 149 on Amazon and mi com

    I think the just released Nokia 5.3 at 149 is a safe bet with a 720p screen but good previously mid range internals.

    I tend to forget what each device has or is missing so a speciation check and price check is a must, and I'm not able to bring up a list for you right now. I prefer a pc

    Screenshot_20200816-134615.png Screenshot_20200816-134714.png Screenshot_20200816-134726.png
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  7. DivaythFyr

    DivaythFyr Lurker
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    I use an emulator on a laptop to deal with the game, but this laptop is not optimal for games or i should say i would need a stronger one.
    I5-6200U 2.4Ghz 8GB.
    The phone will cover any issue that might happen with the laptop/internet. It will let me be away from home aswell so it's a good option to keep me going without being forced to stop or slowed down by any issue or life circunstances.
    I really appreciate the time you all put in here.
  8. I don't know how to recommend.
    Check out a new Motorola Moto G7 Power if you can get the 4/64 version. Its due Android 10 and some were still available here.

    I might get a 2gb Nokia or Motorola to tide me over if/when I send mine for repair, and as a second phone. Or I may start working in September and may wait and hit the £200 - 250 deals .

    If you do check the Mi (Xiaomi) store the initial price on Redmi or Mi models is higher than if you put one in a basket, or they probably have promotion days in Portugal as well. You get higher resolution screens and better SoC for gaming, though a few say there are odd software hiccups on some new models probably until they update their UI. Nokia and Motorola you may know run stock Android, though Nokia promise longer uodates.
    Check out Realme and Oppo. Good luck.
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  9. Also the Honor 20e @ £159 (recently released), plus the Honor 20 Lite and Honor 10 Lite are selling cheaply new. They seem to still have Google Play Services / Play Store though may / may not get updates on recent reports.
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  10. DivaythFyr

    DivaythFyr Lurker
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  11. Trom

    Trom Well-Known Member

    My last phone was an honor 8, which had average specs, 4 / 64g, microSD slot, kirin 950, but all in all it was a great phone, it never struggled and had a really nice camera. The Honor series are really nice "budget" phones.
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  12. Thats a very decent phone for little money.
    I mentioned the Redmi 9 above, just released in June, though I found after discounts available on the official site I can buy the Redmi Note 9S for £144 which has a better SoC again.
    I would delve in to the official Xiaomi / Mi website if you have a local one as the prices get cheaper as you go to Order and then Checkout (before putting card details) and their shipping is quick plus better support. Maybe the site you found is very good, just there are some dodgy sites like Toby Deals from Hong Kong.
    I'll post some screenshots from Mi UK.
    All going well you got great specs compared to anything a little more expensive. :)
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  13. I agree they have had nice devices. The View 20 (?) I liked. My network / carrier likes them. I'm a little troubled about future GPS issues, and I think they have been surpassed and now eeem a little overpriced barring the lower end ones mentioned.
    I've only very recently started looking at Realme phones, and then Xiaomi. I will need to have a replacement for a failing Nokia and I've always only looked at Samsung, Motorola, Nokia etc but have been lured / enticed by the specs value and sheer naughty sexiness of the latest Realme and Redmi models, despite no UK based support or promises of updates on their sites.
    Thry seem well designed internally and solidly made in high volumes.
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  15. I think I meant Redmi 9 here ^ :oops:

    o_O (OCD kicking in!) :p
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  16. Trom

    Trom Well-Known Member

    I know I'm kind of weird when it comes to phones, but then, most of us are, or we wouldn't hang out in an android forum. I did a a lot of video viewing and looking into phones before I chose a OnePlus, the oneplus 7 I bought I has not disappointed me, it is by far the highest quality phone for the money I've ever purchased.
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  17. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Honor been Huawei. They don't have Google Play Store now do they?

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