Android 6.0 - guide on new storage point definitions?


Android Expert
Having flashed a 6.0 rom and encountering some issues driven by changes to storage mount points and permissions, I have tried a quick search to see if there was a helpful guide (or something) to set out what these are but haven't found anything. I am conscious that I am far from an expert on Linux though so there is every possibility I wasn't asking Google the right question - indeed the title of this thread may also be nonsense :thinking: . Can anyone point me to something that might cover this?

By way of some examples, as this may help explain what I'm after:

Titanium Backup - my backups are held on external sd card, under Android 6.0 this now points to:

PowerAmp - tunes are on ext sd card and music folder now has to point to:

Viper4Android - to get V4A to recognise and apply Profile settings, and IRS files I had to copy these in to:

Haven't found anymore yet, but I'm sure there are some :)

Dunno, maybe a thread could be started to cover this?