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Android 6 update on Verizon M9, I'm not impressed

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by markdoc, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    My Verizon M9 updated a few days ago. After all this waiting I'm not impressed. Either I'm can't find the new stuff or Verizon removed most of it. I've noticed the change in the interface and actually, I like the older version better. I hate the keyboard animation, it's driving me crazy. (I can turn that off in the Developers settings) I can't find anything on the "Doze" feature I read about. Is there a setting for it? What do you think?

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  2. BA100

    BA100 Newbie

    Settings > Power > Battery Optimization
  3. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    Every update since 4.4.2 with Verizon has been worse than the one before it.

    they keep stripping out functionality, and adding bloat we don't want.

    Finally, with my Note 4 which they Forced Me to install that filthy POS lolliflop and it is horrible.
    but, at least, with 6.x they gave me the chance to just say NO forever and I did just that "NO"...

    why in the hell are carriers trying to force us to have something we don't want?

    updates move things, get rid of good things, add junk, change menus, I just don't like change... leave it alone!


    My daughter has the M9 you speak of....

    we looked at what it "seemed to" offer, of which Verizon does not tell you anything useful, and I asked her "do you want to update it?".

    her answer, "NO!" leave it alone.
    so, we told it NO, and that thank goodness, it says it won't ask us again.
  4. Far as I'm concerned, the UI isn't that bad. Made the mistake of uninstalling updates to Sense Home, which deleted all customizations on the device, ended up spending nearly three hours trying to rebuild everything--after locating it to begin with. For anybody that hasn't had it get particularly hot, last night I got the external temp to 146℉, at which point I couldn't stop laughing at how the touchscreen went berserk. Now. Without further adieu.

    Posted this to XDA a few minutes ago, decided to post it in as many places as I can and see if anything gets a hit back:

    I know my way around Android well enough I could probably teach a class. I've been excited for the Marshmallow update for my Verizon M9, mostly for the security update. Now I've got it, and udderly hate it. Not only is this marshmallow über soft and squishy, it's somehow managed to swallow the majority of my CPU--much like BOB from Monsters vs Aliens. Actually, the update is more like BOB than a delicious couple of calories. Tremendous lag from god knows where, constant freezing and other **** when in hpm--whether it be plugged in or not--which often crashes apps altogether or causes a reboot, keyboard latency of about 1.5seconds, network disconnecting when the device exceeds 120℉, ooh!, and the cherry on top: loss of data. I use my phone for both business/class-related stuff and for gaming/pleasure(shh, creeps) because I'm too broke to buy anything else. The front-facing speakers get glitcy and doing that pausing crap like when you drive outta radio range in a car. This was never a problem with Lollipop, but is making Android a living hell to deal with. MHL has yet to work on Marshmallow, and instead simply crashes the phone. Again. Can't find ANYthing ANYwhere about this. Both Verizon and HTC are refusing to talk to me directly about it; keep getting passed to the next rep, who tries to put me through their template of troubleshooting steps. Wiping cache partition worked...for all of ten minutes. If that. HTC wants to take my phone for two weeks, which won't work due to classes.

    Full stock M9. I use App Mgr III for new moving apps quickly, App Cache Cleaner because I'm lazy, and Greenify to kill some stuff that I've got, e.g., Ingress, Skype, snapchat. Greenify does NOT allow killing of bloatware/pre-installed crap, so let me tape the mouths of those twits shut now. Most pre-installed apps, including all but two of the Verizon things, are disabled.

    The game I notice the most trouble on is Walking War Robots, can't tell if it has to do with graphics or the processor itself. Chrome browser is quite laggy; Drive is almost unresponsive as is Docs; have lost quite a bit of data from Microsoft Word, both saved and documents being worked on. Reception is also quite a bit worse with the Marshmallow update, calls being dropped more frequently and location often having trouble pinpointing me on high-accuracy.

    As I do NOT have a computer, reseting the device is not an option.
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  5. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot
    VIP Member

    Immortal Lefty...My head is spinning after that post.

    As with all updates, depending on your devices configuration, installed apps, etc; you sometimes need to reset the device. It's like moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10, sometimes you just need a clean install. Until you have completed a factory reset you cannot really judge the update since it is quite possibly just a result of application conflicts after the update.

    You do not need a computer to complete a factory reset on an M9.

    From the Verizon site: http://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-151381/

    • For devices with Android Device Protection enabled:
      • It's imperative the GoogleTM email address and password are known before performing a reset on the device.
      • If the password for the Google account used to enable Device Protection on the device can't be remembered:
        • Attempt to log in with any Google account previously used on the device.
        • Reset the password.
          [​IMG] Once reset, the device won't accept the new password and can't be used for 72 hours.
    [​IMG] Perform a factory data reset only if absolutely necessary as it removes all data including:

    • Google account
    • System and app data
    • App settings
    • Downloaded apps
    • Media (Music, pictures and videos, etc.)
    [​IMG] Notes:

    1. Ensure the device is powered off.
    2. Press and hold the Volume Down button (middle button located on the right edge) then press and hold the Power button (located on the right edge; first button from the bottom).
    3. Once the HTC logo appears on-screen, release all buttons.
    4. Select factory reset.
      [​IMG] Utilize the Volume buttons to highlight and the Power button to select.
      [​IMG] Allow up to 10 minutes for the factory data reset and reboot processes to complete.
      [​IMG] To set up the device after the reset has completed, refer to Initial Activation and Setup.
  6. Mate, I know how to reset. My problem is that I have nowhere to back up to, and I'm not particularly interested in writing out all my settings and stuff by hand. Did it twice on my custom M8, to see if it would respond at least somewhat better than the stock M9 did, and to no avail. I'd LOVE to get a comp, but all my money atm is toward progression--welding and business mgt. classes, for the most part, car and rent for the rest. Until I finish welding school I'm not gonna have much in the way of spending money. Besiiides, I'm simply complaining spelling **** out for anybody with similar issues.
  7. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot
    VIP Member

    You can back up almost all of the settings to Google/cloud or on a micro SD card (64GB under $20). There are also a number of backup programs out there that can assist you with backing up all of your data without using a PC.

    I'm not saying you can't complain, I am just stating that basing your observations off a dirty install doesn't reflect the performance of a clean install. That being said, I installed it on my M9 and have not had any issues as of yet.
  8. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I sympathize with Solapathy. I don't have his problems but Ican certainly understand. I've done enough factory resets to know I'd do almost anything to avoid one. I didn't realize that "Battery optimization" was the Doze" feature. (thanks BA100) I had also read that Marshmallow was suppose to reduce the heating problem. I'm not frying eggs like Sol, but my battery gets to 120 °regularly. It doesn't seem that Android 6 lived up to the hype. I don't notice any great improvements (like battery time)in normal use.
  9. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    We are on Verizon:

    My daughter's M9 updated to 6.0 without her consent.

    this after me clicking on the "No Thanks, not ever again" button... then it posted up a window that said "we will not ask you again, you can apply this update at any time you want to do it".....

    well, we attended a Seminar last night and had to turn our phones off....
    when she turned it back on, it updated to 6.0

    she is not happy, but as of yet, does not even know what is different... more later.

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