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Android Alarm Clock Source Code

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Tea Maker, May 7, 2012.

  1. Tea Maker

    Tea Maker Lurker
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    Hello Guys,

    So this is my first question and I hope you guys don't hate new members who come to Forums for the sake of asking questions. But the Android World is still new right, so hope I'm not too late for joining you guys.

    So here's what I'm looking for.

    I am in the process of building an Application that serves pretty much like the Alarm Clock in Android Version 2.2.3 but instead of adding Alarm Clocks, it's going to add some sort of events and other stuff. I need to customize the layout as well.

    It's going to be a big waste of time if I can't get the source code for this Alarm Clock, because most of the work is done already there.

    I searched a lot for the source code for this Built-in Alarm Clock but couldn't find it. I need the whole project for it including the xml and graphic files too.

    Here is a screenshot about the Alarm Clock I need source for:

    I appreciate your help in advance.

    Thanks much.

  2. Tea Maker

    Tea Maker Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Guys if you can find different version for the alarm clock app it will be great too. I am not limited to version 2.3.3
  3. EManU3LXX

    EManU3LXX Android Enthusiast

    If you can get your hands on the APK, you can decompile it using an APK tool, make the changes neccesary, and recompile it when your done. You can find APKtool by googleing, and the APK by looking into most custom ROMS (I know cyanogenmod has this preinstalled if I'm not mistaken) or pull it from a rooted phone.
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  4. Tea Maker

    Tea Maker Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks very much dear. Sorry I haven't got the chance to reply to you earlier I was very busy in the past few weeks.

    Your tip did actually help me a lot, but in fact it turned out that all these tools are useful whenever you are doing things for learning purposes. Anyway, it seems the best thing you can do when you're dealing with a real project, is in fact to build things from scratch which is what I did.

    Thanks once again and all the luck.

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