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Android and Exchange

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by johninbigd, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. mxporkchop

    mxporkchop Lurker

    Does anyone know if the native Exchange client (ie. the ones on the Rogers build) handles folders and subfolders support?


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  2. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    As soon as I get my exchange up and running I'll let you know!
  3. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    I'm SUCH a doofus. I didn't click on the SSL encryption when I put in my log in information. That grey check mark made me think that it was already selected, when it was not...

    Exchange up and running!!!

    It does support folders but not subfolders from what I've been able to see so far which kinda blows for me. I would have liked to get all my subfolders running because I have a lot of Rules already defined. In any case, you still have your folders under inbox, just not the ones under those. For some reason it isn't getting the emails in the folders (except Inbox, which is LIGHTENING fast) until you go to that folder and click Menu > Refresh. Maybe that's because I just set it up and it still has a lot to update and work through... I dunno.

    Anyway, I'm very happy with the exchange client on this and if anyone has any questions I'll be more than happy to answer what I can.
  4. Redsz

    Redsz Lurker

    I just noticed that when your checking your email you can also get subfolders! When you have the mail application open:

    - press the menu button
    - press the more option
    - select folders and then select the exchange folder you want to view
    - the view will switch to the folder you selected (you may have to perform a sync by pressing menu and then refresh)
  5. bukhari00

    bukhari00 Lurker

    Hi happyally et al,

  6. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    I was getting an error because of security issues. I failed to check the SSL encryption box. There is a grey check mark in that box which means that it is UNCHECKED. When you click on it, the check mark turns orange to tell you that it has been selected. That's what I did wrong yesterday and it worked for me. But I didn't get a message about failing to create the account.

    Are you using the OWA server as the server address? I believe that is what needs to be used so it should look like owa.companyname.com

    Double check that stuff and your domain name...

    I'm getting an odd message that the system is out of memory with an error mark by the Contacts selection in the Exchange settings... my phone has ample room though, more than 20MB... Anyone know what the problem might be?
  7. Redsz

    Redsz Lurker

    In regards to the "failed to create account message" our exchange administrator had to modify my user account security policy (We are using exchange 2007) for my magic to connect. I guess the htc magic is technically not a supported device.
  8. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    That worked like a charm! My folders and subfolers are there, not in a tree format with is a bit odd, but it still works. I can get the emails, I just have to go to that folder and manually hit refresh. Its not ideal but its better than the blackberry since you can't get emails in the folders at all, just the folders (from what I've seen with my colleagues at work at least).

    Still getting that weird error message about contacts... have tried a factory reset twice and setting exchange up first with no luck. Eventually it says that there is not enough memory (which there is especially after a factory reset), or it says that there is an error on the computer that is running the exchange server. I'm gonna wait it out over the weekend and hope that it resolves itself.
  9. mxporkchop

    mxporkchop Lurker

    Do you know which settings need to be adjusted?
  10. happyally

    happyally Newbie

    Possible Solution: Enable
  11. bestivo

    bestivo Newbie

    I have used both the TouchDown client and the HTC one (also refered as the rogers exchange client)

    TouchDown is hands down a more polished and feature rich client. It costs 20$ though. You can fully use it for free for 3 days (after every update you et 3 more days of trial) and than you can only use it to check email and calendar. It has push and a lot more options than the HTC client.

    My exchange account has a 'remote purge' option set and it still work with TouchDown. It didn't work with the HTC mail client until I disabled that option. Probably some people are having problems because of that. HTC mail client is missing a lot of options that are in TouchDown so if your HTC mail exchange program can't connect, definatly give TouchDown a try.

    I am using the hero rom which comes with the HTC mail client, but I believe you can get just the mail.apk (mail program) from the internet and install it on a brand new not rooted G1. I haven't tried this so I might be wrong
  12. plainbrad

    plainbrad Member

    I believe K-9 [an email app available for free in the market] does work with the exchange.
  13. taxbuster

    taxbuster Lurker

    Works fine. I used it for a while, but it offered so little in utility over the standard HTC client that I didn't reinstall it when I rebuilt my phone. I had it set up to grab IMAP mail on my home account, and Exchange mail from my work account - had a nice purple LED indicator which I liked, though.
  14. Pace

    Pace Newbie

    If you can afford the $24.99 or better still get work to pay for it.

    Moxier mail is the bomb. the 1.3 version now has the calendar sync etc. Been using it since 1.0 and its great. Well worth the money.
  15. heffer86

    heffer86 Lurker

    I setup with my exchange email with the native mail active sync client and I can only receive plain text emails. When I go under settings and Message format it won't let me change this. I am running exchange 2003. On my iPhone all the messages show up as html, is there a way to enable this on andriod?
  16. poztin

    poztin Lurker

    Anyone having the "Failed to create account error", try changing the "Allow access to devices that do not fully support password settings" setting in exchange. Worked for me.
  17. revision

    revision Lurker

    I actually have the exact same reuirements I'm looking to get out of my Motorola Cliq as a few of the other posters here. I also noticed some incorrect statements about Blackberry that I want to clear up at the same time because I'm honestly having a hard time adopting Android and getting the same functionality as I did on my bb. I know the Cliq isn't a true google experience phone due to having motoblur on it which was the first thing i tried to nullify by removing all my widgets, but I just need a few critical email parts I'm having trouble bypassing.

    First to help some blackberry users who didn't think the bb brought over sub folders properly, it most certainly does but you have to turn it on. To do so go into your message window where emails show up, hit the blackberry button to bring up the menu, click options, click email settings, then hit blackberry button again, click on folder redirection. That will bring up a view of your Exchange mailbox that you can expand and select folders you want the blackberry to sync. Choose any and all folders and from that point on you should receive any messages that are sent to a different folder via rules you have created, and they all come into the main message window.

    That is the number one thing I am hoping to achieve with this cliq. I have downloaded Touchdown trial and actually have a paid for key waiting to be used but i'm not putting the serial number in until i figure out if it can do sub folders. I have a lot (read way too freaking many) of rules setup to separate my mail and so most is separated by the server. As for touchdown having a "select which folders to sync" it appears it will do the trick, but there's something in my exchange mailbox causing my sync to fail repeatedly. My coworker's appears to be working fine but he doesn't use sub folders like me so I'll have to report back once i get this all worked out. So far Touchdown appears to be the go-to app for exchange power users who use a lot of sub folders.

    Someone asked if you can change the signature in touchdown. The answer is demo = no paid for = yes I verified this with a coworker who already put in his license.

    My advice is to get the 5 day trial of Touchdown and decide for yourself. I'm going to put the pay--for version on once i get the error message kink worked out. As long as i can see my sub folder messages without having to manually change the folder and then wait for it to update I can make the Android work. I average over 120 emails a day with most all of them being segregated by folder due to legal retention etc.
  18. gakiyama

    gakiyama Lurker

    At my office I am on a Macintosh and use the Mail function for my e-mails. I have many folders within Mail, which I use to help me manage my e-mail flow. I am thinking about purchasing a Droid so I can have access to my e-mails while away from the office. But, I need to be able to access my e-mail folders to really make this purchase worth while. I understand that the Droid out of the box will not allow me access to my folders. I have been researching and I think Touchdown Exchange will allow me to access my e-mail folders. Can anyone here confirm this? Thanks.
  19. revision

    revision Lurker

    Touchdown will only work if the back-end is exchange. It doesn't integrate with lotus or any of the other mail server types and if it is a pop or imap account it won't work as you intend. I'm not familiar with mac so I guess my main point is where does your email reside, an exchange server or something else?
  20. gakiyama

    gakiyama Lurker

    Thanks Revision for the response. I am not very technical, so I don't quite know how to answer your questions. I have two email accounts and they are both POP type accounts. One incoming mail server is pop.earthlink.net and the other is mail.akiyamacreative.com. Does this help?
  21. revision

    revision Lurker

    Yes it does help clarify. Unfortunately since you're pop I'm guessing neither of those email accounts are hosted via exchange. Therefore the mail is actually pulled from the server on to your The folders you create inside you mac email client aren't actually on the server itself but rather inside your email program and touchdown can get mail or folders that are on your mac. I'm trying to think of some alternatives but I'll have to look it up.
  22. Rob C

    Rob C Lurker

    Hi, how about the "Failed to create the account. Please try again later." error message / issue

    I get all the way up ot the end setting Outlook up on the Eris and then get the try again later message. Do you have an idea on how to remedy?
  23. gakiyama

    gakiyama Lurker

    Thanks for this. I believe you are correct in that the folders I have created are not on a server but rather are in folders I created within the MacMail program itself. So to clarify, are you saying that because of this, Touchdown will NOT be able to read them? Thanks for all of your time on this. I really appreciate it.
  24. offerlam

    offerlam Lurker


    I have just got myself a hero aswell but from what you describe you have the issue with contacts where i have the issue with calendar sync...

    I have tried to turn off gmail sync with no luck...

    I am running the latest firmware...

    is this still an issue?
  25. tlsteven

    tlsteven Lurker

    I received the same message and found that SP2 is required for xchange 2003 . i installed sp2 and it has worked fine.
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