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Android and the E911 bug!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by mjschmidt, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Jun 27, 2009
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    Within the last week Rogers Wireless in Canada informed both HTC Dream and Magic users that there is a flaw in our phones that could cause the phone to crash when trying to call 911 while GPS is turned on.

    This is apparently as issue because of the new "Enhanced 911". As we understand it, E911 has been in the US for a few years now, but only launched VERY recently in Canada (the govt mandated it be running by Feb 1 2010).

    According to a dev, the issue Canadians are having now with Android GPS and E911 is the same issue that was fixed by Google and pushed out to T-Mo customers when they got Android 1.6.

    I am hoping some US customers might be able to give some insight into this issue. Any links to info are greatly appreciated.

    Also, does it affect other Android phones stuck on 1.5 like the LG Eve, or the HTC Hero?

    Read more here: I Want My One Point Six - Demanding Android 1.6 for our Rogers HTC Magic & Dream, and LG Eve Phones


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