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android app for Night Owl security camera

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by liubasik_cl, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. liubasik_cl

    liubasik_cl Lurker
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    I bought NightOwl security cameras but i can't find app in android market to view on my htc phone, I tried different app but doesn't work...I have installed in my computer NightOwl program for my cameras but android market doesn't have this app...I need your help...

  2. With free for personal use Teamviewer you can run your PC, and consequently NightOwl, remotely on your phone's screen. Even if you're on the other side of the world.

    Of course your PC must be on and connected. I would suggest a password-protected screensaver for an unattended machine.
  3. aerosaaber

    aerosaaber Lurker

    I recently ordered their Poseidon dvr setup.
    On the webpage under my particular model there is a "support>downloads" section which has "cellphone software" zip file.

    www dot nightowlsp dot com
    to your product type > model > setup/download

    it should be there.

    I haven't gotten the hardware or installed any software yet so I can't comment on whether or not it works.
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  4. DudeDude

    DudeDude Lurker

    aerosaaber .. GREAT POST! It's nice to see someone actually READ and answer the question that is a functional response! Your post pointed me in the perfect direction ... and the full process ... for me, if it helps anyone ... is here:

    1] NightOwlSp dot com is the locatoin of the support/files for NightOwl Products ... then select model you have (this gives you the ASee.apk file required for your Android that connects to your model)

    2] Save that ASee.apk file to your phone (I connected via USB Storage and saved to SD root directory)

    3] Go to Market/Play and download the apkInstaller application (just like it is spelled here, there's only one with that spelling)

    4] Run apkInstaller, select your ASee.apk file and it installs the Mobile Viewer app on your phone (you may have to enable Download/Install Unknown Sources in your phone settings temporarily)

    5] When you setup the "config" settings in the ASee Application, IP/PORT/USERNAME/PASSWORD are what you setup on the NightOwl Unit itself ... the DEVICENAME field ... i personally found ... that if it didn't match the DeviceName in the NightOwl setup field found under System->Advanced->Info ... it would not connect.

    NOW ... you'll have to do the following as well on your NightOwl unit ...
    1] Setup a port for MOBILE in settings
    2] Setup username & password in MOBILE settings

    NOTE: IF you setup these items via the web interface to your NightOwl ... it may not "take" ... so if you change the settings via web interface, after it says "SUCCESS" ... reboot your NightOwl and it should "stick" ... otherwise, you'll have to do it on the NightOwl unit itself ... which is painful due to the interface :)

    LAST ... remember to pinhole your firewall to the port you set in MOBILE settings on the IP of the device itself. There are walkthroughs for this all over the web, I'm sure :)

    Good luck ... it works REALLY NICE ... even on 3/4G ... not 30fps, but good enough to see what's up :)
  5. clevetbs

    clevetbs Newbie

    google KMEYE.apk that is the app for the phone that works with nightowl great...

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