Android App Testing needed Notes App


I need my Notes Android App tested by other people (All Feedback Accepted).

Play Store Link: Simple Notes Play Store Link

Please reply with the following Feedback:
- Does the App crash and for what reason?
- Does the App run properly on your Device?
- Is the App Optimized and runs Fast on your Device?
- Does the App attract you? (Appearance and Functionality)
And anymore Feedback you have...



hi @AzzaMatta2571 , seems a good try to make an useful app.
1.No it didn't crash on my Android 5.1.1 .
2.The app does fine, it does what it is supposed to do. but there is slight ui tweaking needed. i will post the screenshot.
3.The app runs fine. a bit slow.
4.a. Appearance: it's fine.
b. Functionality: there is a bug, when i press back button, it takes me to the add note activity and keeps adding new note. i think i should post screenshot for this too. are you developing with ionic?
5.i have been searching for a notepad app. that could save in cloud, so that i don't have to worry about restoring my phone, if in case. i wanted to be able to write in widgets directly etc, i could't find the perfect one.
6. This app has lots of competitors, it should try to do more than this app . all the best.


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