Android app to remote control iTunes Server

Hi. I have switched from an iPhone and I would still like to remotely control my iTunes. The issue is I use 1 computer as my server and just connect to it from all my other computers. Anyway, the 1 that I use as my server is in my home office. And the one that I want to control is in my kitchen. The kitchen is connected to the speakers in my kitchen and family room.

I have always (with my iPhone) connected to my kitchen computer with iTunes remote. Selected the office computer as the source of music and play it from my kitchen computer, through the stereo and speakers connected to it.

I have not found any Android application that let's you connect to 1 iTunes but from within it select another iTunes (sharing) source. Obviously this is possible from within iTunes on each remote compute. And it also is possible from the iTunes Remote you can run from any iPhone or any iPod Touch. But I have tried about 8 of the most popular iTunes remote apps on the Android App Play store and cannot find 1 app that let's me do this.

Anyone know what app support this?