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Android as Pocket Office PC - screen and keyboard

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by NonProgrammerTechie, Jul 11, 2010.


Would you like to be able to connect external screen, keyboard, and have global print options?

  1. Good idea

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  2. Likely dumb & pointless

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  1. NonProgrammerTechie

    Thread Starter
    Jul 11, 2010

    Jul 11, 2010
    Travelling sales / vending machine service.
    I bet that for 90% of all people using a PC at work, the computing power of an Android phone could easily replace an office desktop or laptop PC. After all, most people only do wordprocessing, spreadsheet, mail and calendar work, and browse the net.

    Basically, all I think I need is;
    1) the ability to connect a larger screen, a keyboard and mouse. Preferrably wiressly!
    2) printing services available to all applications
    3) a second desktop setting, suitable for a larger screen. Probably applications could sense this also, and maybee adapt their behaviour.
    3b) a third (and fourth?!?) desktopsetting, for a car "pad"-like (middlesized) touchscreen.

    As a travelling salesperson and serviceman, I would actually much prefer to scrap my office desktop PC. In the car, I would connect a "pad"-like (middlesized) touchscreen, for more convinient GPS navigation, and laying out my daily travellingroute between customers.

    Actually, I would like to run my customer database (I prefer filemaker) on my Android as well. In fact, if GPS navigation software could communicate with other applications, such as a customer database, I would get new really nice useful functionality. And for those writing car driving logs, such integration would also be nice. (And just pop in the expense account, while you are at it.)

    The computing power of our phones isn't going to decline. And My HTC Desire is already more powerful than office computers a few years back. I don't understand why I should buy an GPS, an office desktop, and possibly a pad, all with their separate storage and computing capabilities?!?


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