Android auto and waze


Install waze Beta version on my S8. Connected to a Buick Intellelink via usb, Waze now is operational on the car display. Map option are much better than Google maps and the auto zoom feature is great. Was able to play media through a second usb connection and bluetooth phone all work fine while using Waze.


Galaxy S20 Ultra
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Sounds awesome! Would love to see a video of this from a member's perspective.


In the early steps of implementing my galaxy note Pro (12.2) as a ''head unit'' I got the pleacent surprise I can run WASE with out a "Hot Spot'' (I do need to have the connection to Imput the adress, but any WIFI will work)

In any case the other day my phone run out of batteries (on a big new city thst I have no idea how to navigate) and the tablet go us home just on WASE with voice and visual directions, besides a red sign on top saying ''Searching for network'' work just as fast..

I was so impressed and very glad too..