Nov 12, 2012
I have a OnePlus Nord 2 (android 11) and have been using Android Auto with USB cable to Opel Astra without problems until recently, but now when connecting it shows on the screen and asks to change to android auto, but when I accept it doesn't show anything. In the same car, my wife's Samsung Galaxy 9+ works Android auto without problems.
At the same time my oneplus refuses to connect via Bluetooth to Saphe One, which also used to work and works fine with Samsung.
I suppose a software update has created the problem
I don't know what head unit is. My car was born with android auto. And as I said, it's working fine with same cable and my wife's old Samsung
here in the states a head unit is the car stereo. so is this factory? some units that have older software will not work with newer phones. but android auto is going away thanx to google discontinuing it.

here is a similar thread from this forum with links that explain why: