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Android Auto issues and more

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by necrochaos, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. necrochaos

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    Today I started to have Android Auto problems for the first time. Here is the series of events today to help put things together.

    I went to work, used Android Auto to navigate my way to work and listened to a podcast via PocketCasts. Everything was great.

    While at work, I started getting Samsung Bixby updates that I couldn't avoid. My phone started acting a little weird, but after 15 minutes or so, all was good. My apps were all working properly that I could test.

    Fast forward to 6PM. I got into my car after work. The car and phone acted like they have never seen each other before. I paired the bluetooth and downloaded my contacts into my car. All seemed fine. I used Android Auto to get my to my soccer game and avoid the construction traffic. Listened to the same podcast. All is well.

    After the game, I get in my car and plug in my USB cable. Android Auto doesn't pop up as usual. Instead I get an MTP message asking how I wanted to connect this device to my phone (Charge only, transfer files, MIDI device, etc,) No matter what option I tried, I couldn't get Android Auto to come up.

    So being an IT Guy, I rebooted my phone. Same luck. I then shut off the car, opened the door to get the radio to turn off. Same thing. I then did both, rebooted the car and phone, no luck. I drove the half hour home and tried again when I got in the driveway. No dice.

    I'm going to try a different cable tomorrow, but that seems like an unlikely issue. My phone was still charging and I could play media via the media app in my car. I was able to listen to a podcast, but not as I normally do through Android Auto.,

    My car is a 2017 Subaru Sport if that matters. No recent updates on it. The dealer updated all of the firmware in the car due to a recall about a month ago, but no issues since then.

    Any other ideas would be helpful.

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