Android Backup feature - how does it work?


I want to backup all my data (more importantly my text messages) before I upgrade to the new update.

I've read you have to flag Privacy>Back up my data & settings check box, but when does it actually do the backup?

How do I verify that it has successfully done this?



Ya he didnt really answer your question... You cant really "tell" if it backed up your data. I think it does it everytime the phone is turned off.


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before i installed the update, i got a prompt telling me it would back up data/settings etc so i just thought that it would do it. after update everything seems to be their. my app notepad still has my text their phone is new so ive not added any bookmarks or anything but my wifi was on still, didnt need to re enter the ID key. i guess it just does it for you, their must be a folder on sd card that says data or something.


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bloomin' late I now.

Thanks for the input, the phone did backup everything, though the next time I used to this update the firemware, it did loose the data. Luckily I used MyBackupPro :D