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Jan 2, 2014
I have a Pixel 5. I just noticed my backups have never backed up. The built in Google backup. I just tried turning off backup rebooting and re-enabling it. It still won't back up. I get a message "couldn't back up data. try again later." Any ideas?
just found a website that says to disable all locks on my phone to see if it fixes it and then re-enable it. I can't disable all my security. My work profile is installed on the phone and my work profile requires there to be a lock.
yes. these days with 4G and wifi everywhere, it's hard to have a phone that doesn't have data services. But it's on wifi. I also unchecked it so it doesn't need to be on wifi to backup. (It can use 4G instead.)
i've tried it on wifi and 4g and same problem. so rebooting the router wouldn't help at all seeing it still has the problem when not using the router.
Wi-Fi is much faster than cellular internet, and provides a more stable signal.
That does depend on where you are. I know people whose WiFi is less stable than the cellular connection where I live generally is, and there are a lot of people with WiFi that's slower than a strong 4G connection. But I agree that it's worth a try.
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I guess that is theoretically possible.

But here in the US, cellular internet is generally to be avoided if possible in favor of Wi-Fi.

Maybe because I am in the country mostly, but it seems true everywhere.
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Well I have line of sight to a 4G antenna from the front of my house, so can reliably get 120 Mb/s down plus 10-20 Mb/s up over LTE. That's less than my WiFi, but my home WiFi is faster than average for the UK (though would be considered slow in say Singapore).

Conversely I have family members both in the UK and in the US whose WiFi is frequently unstable on a Zoom call (while I have often done such things using a mobile hotspot from various places without problems). So I agree that as a general rule I'd use WiFi first, but there are enough exceptions that I'd not make a blanket statement.
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I find that if Wi-Fi is unstable that it is user error, and/or overloaded systems.

For instance, router placement.
That is huge.

And certain places with certain providers get bogged down when many customers are all using at the same time.
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