Apps Android - Bluetooth garbage collector


Dec 22, 2010

I am developing a real time game. Therefore, I also want to provide a Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Now there is my problem
Unfortunately, there really isn't a way around this... in Java at least... Your best bet would be to use the JNI, find a C/C++ BT library and write it in native code.
I have looked inside of the AndEngine Multiplayer Extension. They use a DataOutputStream/DataInputStream. But I
How large are your messages? Can you trim them down and/or can you keep to only sending when needed, and predicting movement/behavoir when waiting for a message?

If you've ever noticed this is what online games have done for years due to latency etc. When you see a character run sometime they will "rubber band" when stopping or changing direction. That's because the actual position data just caught up with the predicted position.