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Android Calendar Dialer [Productivity, Utility]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AndroCalDialer, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Sept 11, 2011 - release update v1.7.1

    We are pleased to share with the Android Forums the release of the
    Android Calendar Dialer
    to the Android Market.

    The Android Calendar Dialer is a utility used to allow telephone numbers in the Calendar's event Location (aka Where) field to be dialed - with and without extensions present.

    The product website is:

    Please check the list of devices supported at the support site - built-in Calendars behave differently.

    the Android Calendar Dialer application is installed, selecting the Location data in the Calendar application prompts the user to run the application as an alternative to Google Maps to process the location information. The application parses the data and allows the user to select the number plus extension to dial. It also inserts pauses between the strings of digits so that an extension or conference PIN (aka passcode) is entered after the initial call has completed dialing, ringing, and picked up.

    It can handle using x, p, ext, comma (,), and semi-colon (;) to separate the number to dial from those which must be used after the call is picked up. It also works as you need it to when other text is in the same Location field, such as conference rooms, etc.

    The following screenshots illustrate the functionality.



    The Android Calendar Dialer registers with the Android OS so that when it can be run when the data in the Location field of a Calendar entry is clicked.


    Android will by default attempt to use the Maps application to view the Location data in the Calendar. This is no good for telephone numbers, which is what the Android Calendar Dialer was designed to handle.

    Alternatively, launch the app by
    selecting the ACD-Today's Events icon to view the events of the current day.



    The data in the Location field of the Calendar is then split into its meaningful constituent parts to make selection of the telephone number and extensions simple. Use the Auto-Select feature or choose the number to dial and any extension/passcode, and pauses are automatically inserted between them. When the selection is complete, touch the Dial button. The number and extension shown on the button will be dialed...or optionally (via Menu-->Preferences) choose to have a contact be created...


    (optional contact creation - for backwards compatibility with pre-v1.5.2 release) The Android Calendar Dialer prepares the device so that one additional touch dials the number, pauses, and following digits as well.


    The call has been placed, answered, and the digits/tones 1007 are sent after the delay inserted by the commas in the dial string.

    New in v1.7.1
    Dedicated button to dial in as the conference leader to start your conference calls. Setup the dial string in Menu-->Preferences:

    Supported on Android 2.0+. Please see
    for additional details.

    Thank you.



  2. v1.4.1 released

    This version adds a feature which will reduce the number of touches required to place the call (attempts to auto-select the number and passcode) and also allows the user to adjust the delays (number of commas/pauses inserted).
  3. v1.4.2 released

    - Fixes to handle '&' and '='.
    - Improvements to UI to better utilize screen space
    - Added preference for Light or Dark theme (background)
  4. v1.5.2 released

    - now dial directly from the app when the button (see screenshots) is pressed; creating the contact is now optional and enabled via Preferences
    - improvement to better handle input to the app by some calendars which insert plus (+) in place of space ( )
  5. v1.6.2 released

    - NEW: Favorites feature: Now it's possible to click a link containing only the conference call pin/passcode and then insert the dial-in bridge number from a favorite
    - links containing numbers in calendar event location and/or body can be clicked to initiate conference calls
    - NEW: tap to insert "#" at end of pin/passcode
  6. v1.7.1 released

    - FIX: default/existing preference values are now shown when Preferences are edited
    - NEW: added "ACD-Today's Events", a daily view of the current day's calendar appointments for use when built-in calendar's aren't able to launch the app
    - NEW: store your conference leader dial-in string and host your calls with a click of a button. The button is disabled until a string is provided in the app's preferences/settings. Also, hide/show the newly added button with Preference settings.

    Thank you!

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