Android car stereos?


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Has anybody heard anything about somebody making an Android-based car stereo? I'm not talking about a carputer, but an actual typical single or double-din head unit. It seems to me that it would be a perfect platform for modern media:

- It's already capable of playing MP3s and other formats.
- You could easily build-in cellular capabilities to allow Pandora or other streaming sources.
- You aren't stuck with an interface you don't really like to get the hardware you do, it could be easily customized.
- Automatic syncing of your Android phone and car stereo media libraries.
- Pairing to Android phones to stream media through Bluetooth or by plugging it in to let it charge as well would be super easy.
- Navigation that doesn't rely on DVDs or uploaded firmware, but uses constantly updated Google maps.
- Being able to send maps and/or points of interest from your PC or phone straight to the car.
- Dyno apps would be a natural fit
- Android car stereo + Bluetooth OBD II transceiver = reading / resetting codes, reading car sensor data without separate tool.
- Voice controls.

It seems to me that this would be a natural fit, yet I haven't heard anything about it... If Microsoft can have Sync in Fords, surely somebody must be thinking about Android for ICE right?
Awsome idea IMO. Something that a lot of peeps dont even realize is that Android has gone beyond "just phones" already. That new wireless printer that HP makes come with a wireless touchscreen thing running Android for operatating it from anywhere.


I'd love to implant Android in my 15-year-old daughter's brain. I want to customize her behaviors. All the headaches will be gone.


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Navigation using locally stored maps would be a plus to those that aren't under constant data coverage.

A hybrid system would be ideal then. Maps are stored locally, but can be instantly updated via cell connection, or batch updated via SD card.