Android clock is 10 mins fast (HTC Phones)


My HTC Desire HD, 2.3.3 Gingerbread, unbranded on Vodafone is set to use Automatic network-provided values for the date and time and since yesterday it has been running 10 minutes fast.

I set the the phone to the correct time but as soon as I enable automatic it changes back to 10 minutes fast.

Is there a central Android server or does my phone service provider (Vodafone) provide the time service?

Update: Later in the morning the phone was still 10 minutes fast but I switched off Automatic, set the time manually and then switched Automatic back on and the time has now been correct for more than 8 hours.


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Hi guys,

Over the last few days I've noticed that the time on my DHD keeps changing between the right time and 10th minutes fast. This has made alarms etc go off at the wrong time (thankfully early not late). Has anyone else had this issue, or any idea how to fix?
I know the time is set to update through the network, but everyone ekse on voda I have spoken to has no problems. I also installed BITS widget for a clock widget a few days ago but that shouldn't affect the system time should it? I uninstalled anyway and it didn't help.
I'm running the 2.3 update, unbranded on Vodafone UK.


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First 2 posts merged as it appears to be a common issue.

I thought the time was set by the network and I was going to ask which network you are all on, but that's irrelevant if Amerie is Voda and Robthedude is O2.

What apps have you installed/updated over the last few days? Are you all on 2.3.3?

According to this post it corrected itself (no idea if accessing facebook was the cause).

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If it's occurring on the original Desire as well as the HD, it's not a 2.3.3 issue. Nor is it a network issue as it's happening on various networks. I'm guessing it's app related.

What apps have installed/updated over the last few days?

It's def either an app or some sort of problem with time itself. I have noticed a couple of strange vortexes kicking about outside over the past couple of days.
Same here - rooted Desire running 2.2. Standard Sense ROM.

Time was right when I got up at around 7.30am (same as normal clock), but definitely skipped forward ten minutes after 8am. Was ten minutes early for dentist appointment :)


Might as well jump in and say its affecting my Desire as well. I'm on Virgin.

A quick solution is to change your clock manually in the settings and then leave the Automatic option unticked. Unless you're changing time-zones it shouldn't affect you much.


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It could be something to do with the blue police box I've seen hanging around recently ...

Set my time from auto to manual, corrected the time and switched back to auto, and it's been ok for the last hour *fingers crossed*

But just in case, apps that have updated or been installed over the last few days for me are:
Lookout mobile security, BBC news, MyBookDroid, BITS widget, Paradise Island and Kongregate.

edit: and back to fast again


HTC Wildfire, Android 2.2.1, Virgin - Woke me up 10 minutes early and still fast

Oops - phone's fast but I'm slow - Amerie slipped in before me.
I changed my settings to Manual corrected the time and have now changed it back. The time seems to be fine but I'm not sure how long it is going to take to sync back up.

We will see.
Hi, I have a Desire and am on O2, but it is 5 minutes fast and not 10. It was 2 minutes fast yesterday and have been searching interenet but only got people having phone and hour fast due to settings.

Dang annoying!
Recently updated apps: DropBox, WhatsApp, GoolgeMaps, Photobucket Mobile, Lookout Mobile Security.

Thanks for the help guys! (and loving the time vortex chat haha)


Same problem,

If I turn off the internet and 3G and reset the time manually all is obviously ok but the minute I turn the internet back on and the 3G signal appears the clock jumps forward ten minutes, I have installed nothing new in the last few days and all was well up until this morning.

By the way im a newbie and this forum has been so helpful so many thanks.

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By the way im a newbie and this forum has been so helpful so many thanks.

We do try ;)

It looks as though this is only happening on HTC handsets at present (I've had a very quick scan and there doesn't appear to be anything else in many of the popular phone sub-forums).

Are all of your handsets unbranded? For DHD owners, if you look under Settings -> About Phone -> Software Info does your build number look like one of the following - 1.32.405.xx/1.72.405.xx/2.36.405.xx? I'm not sure about build numbers for other HTC handsets, apologies.

I suspect, but can't confirm, that unbranded handsets will pull their time info from a HTC server as opposed to a one associated with the network companies, similar to the way with which OTA updates are released. However, if someone has a network branded handset and they are experiencing this issue, the above is most likely wrong ;).