Dec 3, 2009
hey guys!!! So I just made a switch from blackberry to droid and although most is great, there are some major issues!! I am having a problem with battery duration and i believe its a unique issue not shared by others.

With light usage of the phone, my droid is dead by 5 pm. I looked at the battery usage and noticed the Android Core Apps is taking 35% and is the highest use on the phone (more than the screen!!)
Something has to be wrong, because compared to others, this is nearly 3x's the usage on the motoral droid

CPU Total 1h 18m 29s
CPU Foreground 14m 21s

The core apps are as follows:
Android keyboard
Quick Search Box
Contacts Stoage

Anyone have this issue?


does anyone have this issue. Most friends I see with the droid -- their Android Core usage is <10%

I did a hard reset last night. Didn't install any new apps. Just synced my gmail and facebook. Android Core App usage is at 19%
Do you have a TON of facebook or google contacts? It might be trying to sync everyones facebook info, pictures or addresses.

I'd imagine if you had hundreds of facebook friends then it would be constantly updating their status and what not.

Maybe just sync the gmail for a day or two to see if its the facebook contacts.