Android default music player and microphone controls

Hi All - I'm using the default music player with my HTC Inspire 4G and trying to use the microphone music navigation like the IPhone like "double click" to move a track forward and "triple click" to move the track backwards!!

somehow- double click is triggering dialling the last phone number!! triple click doesn't work.

I installed WINAMP as someone suggested - but It doesn't help either - moreoever it adds to the nuisance of single click many times launching the same track in both players etc!!!

I wanted to see if there was any way I could change the settings for double click and triple click in my HTC Inspire 4Gto behave like IPhone. But I could not find any setting - was wondering if there was a way to PROGRAMATICALLY do the same using SDK? or if there was another easier way?


The Doctor
Well for starters, its iOS vs Android. Its like Windows vs Mac, they can do both things, but they do it differently with different controls. I really dont understand why people are thinking why the same controls for one OS should work for another. There are no universal control standards.

Anyway, what you need is either an app that supports this and override the HTC default headset controls (I dont know of any, sadly) or use a headset with music controls. There are several such headsets in the market.


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I agree they're not the same- But with Android being open-source et al - I was hoping to allow that flexibility to help at least bring some good features of iOS compatible with Android - at least via settings change- if not by default!!

Wanted to know if I can toy with the music player code that intercepts these microphone events (since single click DOES work like it does in the IPhone - it starts or pauses a song!!) - I can then try to extend the double and triple click behaviour to enhance music navigation like its in iOS!!


The Doctor
Forgot to mention, rooting allows you to assign controls to certain buttons, since it replaces the stock ROM. I have no idea however if you can do so for headset controls.

AFAIK the single click thing is a default Android control, some apps can override default Android actions (for example Dolphin HD can override default controls for volume buttons), but again, I dont know which apps override headset controls.


Hey SixSigma1978,

If you pull the code from github, you should be able to open the project from eclipse (providing you have the android SDK installed and setup with eclipse), you should be able to plug in your device and when you run the project, eclipse will allow you to run it on your phone.

As for intercepting the events I'm fairly certain you can set the highest priority for the intent receiver, which will then intercept the event, and then you can consume the event preventing it from trickling down to other receivers.

Handling double and triple clicks is all then up to you, you just need to find out the right intent to move the track forward, backward etc.

Happy hacking :)