Android Developer FT or contract in North America


Nook2Android micro SD cards will convert your Nook Color into an Android Tablet with the marketplace where you can download 1000's of apps instantly.

Welcome N2A (formerly Nook2Android) to the Startup Recroot family! N2A is growing and their goal is to get inside of every Nook everywhere - so if you want to work for a small but profitable startup with a sense of family, N2A is the place for you.

An overnight success story, N2A shares the same challenge as other small but revenue-generating startups - talent. Small but growing, N2A needs a kick-ass Android Developer to help them over a small hump and if you are interested in a longer term opportunity, this is the right place - N2A would love a FT Android expert.

The specs:
While some of the details are confidential, we can publicly share that we need someone who can:

Set the EULA (end-user license agreement‎) to pop up as customers use the product for the first time
Build a custom N2A app that will perform multiple fixes (and with fixes added as needed):
"Clear data" for the Market app and then launches Market if installed
"Clear data" for Google Services Framework and reboot
Combo fix using both fixes above
Toggle Airplane Mode the way Android Assistant does
Increase volume like in the Nook Color Tweaks app
While our Founder is located in Phoenix and would love someone local, we are open to a virtual relationship as well.

Next steps:

Christmas is just around the corner and we need talent now before the season increases sales exponentially - so if you are interested, either submit your information here and one of our client services reps will contact you or email us directly at Also, please be sure to send us examples of previous Android projects you have done (and feel free to brag a little!)

Information direct from N2A:

We would like to be sure and give credit where credit is due. N2A uses a modded version of Google Android called CM7 for the Nook Color. CM7 is created by a group of developers known as Cyanogenmod. Cyanogenmod is dedicated to providing the highest quality Android mods for the Android cell phone and tablet community.

Another group to acknowledge is XDA Developers. XDA is a huge group of Android developers creating new features and bug fixes for CM7 and other projects. Both groups offer their software and updates for no charge under the Android Open Source Project and the GNU Public License. These licenses allow N2A to legally use, distribute, and support their software and updates.

Instructions on how to do this yourself are available free of charge on their websites. When you buy a N2A card you are purchasing the highest quality Sandisk MicroSD card and all the services to get Android and the added features as perfect as you would expect. You are not purchasing the software as it is provided free of charge under the licenses mentioned above.

Thanks for your interest in N2A!
N2A Talent Team